Dreams Update 2.19 November 4 Adds New Features to Activity Feeds & More

Dreams Update 2.19 November 4

Media Molecule has released another content-packed update for its adventure, game-creation title, Dreams! The Dreams update 2.19 patch November 4 has some rather good new stuff added that makes life easier for players.

Dreams Update 2.19 November 4 Patch Notes:

What’s New:

  • Activity Feeds: We’ve added Dreams activity feeds on PlayStation™Network, so your activity feed will now show information about what you’re up to in Dreams!
  • Updated Audio Effect Fields Collection: To compliment the audio updates in v2.18, we’ve made some updates to effect fields, including new fields and a bit of reorganisation.
  • Updated Boot Screens: We’ve given the screens you see at the start of the game a bit of a spruce up! We’ve replaced the All Hallows’ Dreams screen with a cool new “Year in Dreams” artwork, and updated the indreams.me boot screen with new art too.
  • Save Online Reminder: We’ve added a little reminder message to save online, to make sure players are backing up their work regularly. There’s also a new setting in My Preferences to switch it on or off.

Updates & Improvements:

  • Fixed: Some Mm content which previously didn’t have VR compatibility labels should have them now.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Once we get wind of yet another update, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

Source: InDreams docs

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