Dreams Update 2.21 February 10 The Impys Update Brings New Features

Dreams Update 2.21 February 10

Media Molecule is continuing their excellent post-lauch support of game creating game, Dreams! The Dreams update 2.21 February 10 patch is also called “The Impys Update” by the devs, and is obviously for Impys features. Aside from that, there are also new little additions that should make the game experience better for gamers.

Dreams Update 2.21 February 10  Patch Notes:

What’s New?

  • 2nd Annual Impy Awards Features: The 2nd Annual Impy Awards are right around the corner, and this update prepares the Dreamiverse for their arrival! We’re adding new imps, new playlists, and of course getting the awards ready for our winners and nominees once the show is over. Oh, and you’ll see a brand new boot image when loading up the game – time to celebrate! *Once this patch is downloaded, all players who have completed the Impys Hub scavenger hunt will receive the Fitz and Renee imps*
Meet Fitz and Renee, the new imps for the Impys
Meet Fitz and Renee, the new imps for the Impys

  • Message of the Day: To keep all dreamers up to date with the latest goings-on inside and outside of the Dreamiverse, we’re introducing a Message of the Day! You’ll find the latest Message of the Day at the top of the main menu, and you’ll be able to recap on previous messages via the Highlights area.
The Message of the Day screen
The Message of the Day screen

  • Play Later Queue Shortcut: Starting with this update, you’ll be able to add a creation to your Play Later queue with the mere press of a button. Hover over the creation you wish to add and simply press the square button!
New Play Later shortcut
New Play Later shortcut

  • Notifications Update: Ever wish similar notifications would group together so they don’t clog your feed? We’ve now grouped thumbs up and follows, so you get a collective view of what’s happened. Players’ notification areas have had an overhaul – the layout is now a playlist-style design, allowing for easier notification management.
New notifications layout
New notifications layout

  • New Social Page: On a dreamer’s profile, or a creation’s cover page, you’ll now see a new Social area! This makes it easier to see the engagements (thumbs up, comments etc.) associated with the dreamer or creation.
Social area on a dreamer's profile
Social area on a dreamer’s profile

Social area on a creation's cover page
Social area on a creation’s cover page

Other Improvements

  • My Creations Search Filters: New filters have been added to My Creations to help creators more easily manage their local storage space.
  • System Background Music: Playing Dreams on PlayStation®5? You’ll now hear some Dreamiverse tunes playing when highlighting the game on your homescreen. A PlayStation®4 player? Scroll down to the Activity area below Dreams to check this out.
  • Save Transfer Messaging: When switching to a new console, players will be reminded to transfer/copy over their Dreams save data.


  • Tidied up the button prompts around imps while DreamSurfing
  • Fixed some crashes that were occurring on certain creations
  • Fixed a rare issue where the Keyboard wouldn’t open
  • Fixed an issue where some creations in a Community Jam could not be played
  • Fixed an issue where UI to delete creations would not appear when local storage space was full

Not a bad update. Stay tuned for the latest Dreams updates here on MP1st.

Source: Dreams docs

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