Dying Light 2: Best Parkour Skills to Invest In

Dying Light 2 Best Parkour Skills

In Dying Light 2, Techland has once again implemented parkour into the game to great effect. With the game’s progression system being as deep as it is, some players starting out might be wondering which Dying Light 2 parkour skills should they invest in the most? Well, MP1st is here to help. Read on to find which Dying Light 2 parkour skills players need to invest in.

Best Dying Light 2 Parkour Skills to Invest In:

My recommendation, unless you are playing on a high difficulty setting, is to start immediately working towards leveling up parkour. Chances are this will be the first of the two skill trees to max out since you’ll be traveling a lot through the city, meaning a lot of parkour movements will be used. Naturally, you’ll want to focus using inhibitors towards increasing your stamina so you can unlock more skills due to the amount of skills points you’ll easily accumulate. Of course equipping gear that has parkour XP bonuses and racking in XP during the night is a good way to earn skill points faster.

Regardless, you will need a minimum of 260 stamina to be able to unlock any of the parkour skills. Looking at all the parkour skills, I’ll be honest, most if not all are essential unlocks, but chances are you won’t get them all during the main campaign, unless of course you plan on doing a heavy dose of side content during it. So, for now I have listed a list of essential Parkour skills that I believe every player should prioritize first. They will be listed in the order as they appear on the tree to make it easier.

Grip Skills

  • Firm Grip (no requirements other than the standard skill point)
  • Fast Grip (140 stamina required, Firm Grip Skill Unlocked)

First thing you should invest early on is the Grip skill. In total there are three to unlock, but the first two are really the big ones. The first grip skill. known as Firm Grip, allows you to climb the last ledge you grab that you run our of stamina on. So instead of potentially falling to your death because you ran out of stamina while climbing, you now have the opportunity to make one last climb.

Firm Grip isn’t that major of a skill, but it is required to unlock the Fast Grip, which increases the speed of movement when climbing ledges. This will save you stamina, allowing you to climb longer and reach higher heights. Very helpful during the Parkour challenges.

There is a third skill that players can unlock here known as Ledge Jump, but honestly since it eats up stamina I wouldn’t recommend this early on. This skill allows you to jump from one ledge to another, increasing movement speed but at the cost of stamina. You’ll be dealing with a lot of managing if you get this early on.

Landing Skills

  • Active Landing (no requirements other than the standard skill point)
  • Safe Landing (140 stamina required, Active Landing skill unlocked) – Note more optional than an essential in my opinion.

You are going to do a lot of falling in Dying Light 2, so in order to project yourself better you will want to invest in at least one landing skill, the first being Active Landing. Active Landing allows you to hit the action button before landing from a fall, reducing fall damage and maintaining momentum. It sucks dying from a fall, and this skill is used to negate that.

Further, you can enhance this skill with with the second version of it, which is Safe Landing. This increases the height of Active Landing as well as eliminate damage received completely. The only reason why I would say this is a more optional, is because it doesn’t take very long into the game to unlock the paraglider which negates the need to use Safe Landing in our opinion. Active Landing is still useful as when you can’t use the paraglider during a fall, you should be high enough to activate Active Landing.

Running Skills

  • Sleek Runner (120 stamina required)
  • Crowd Runner (160 stamina required, Sleek Runner skill unlocked) – There is a better version of this in another skill section that I would recommend over, but it requires more stamina points.
  • Stealth Movement (160 stamina required, Sleek Runner skill unlocked) – Mostly if you plan on using stealth, otherwise I wouldn’t worry about getting this one early on.

In total, there are five running skills that can be unlocked, though I only recommend two to three of them to start out. The first being Sleek Runner, which increases movement speed while navigating obstacles such as slopes, planks, wall openings. and climbing pipes. This skill helps you maintain momentum, as well as makes you faster, helping with those parkour challenges as well as conserving stamina.

The second skill I recommend from here is Crowd Runner. This allows you to run through a group of enemies, pushing them out of your well while maintaining. You do take some damage, but it’s a great skill to have handy to get you out of tight situations. However, there is another skill located in the dash section called Bash that is essentially the same with the added bonus of knocking enemies back. I’ll dive into that next.

Dart/Dash/Jump Skills

  • Dart (140 stamina required)
  • Dash (180 stamina required, Dart skill unlocked)
  • Afterboost (240 stamina required, Dash skill unlocked) – More of an optional skill than essential.
  • Enemy Jump (180 stamina, Dart skill unlocked)
  • Bash (200 stamina, Dart skill unlocked)

If you are looking to increase your running speed, then this is the section of the parkour tree you should really focus on. The first skill is the Dart skill, which lets you push down on the left stick to gain a short burst of speed. This allows you to jump further, as well as increase running speeds. An absolute must of a skill.

The second skill is Dash, which is essentially full sprint. Pretty self explanatory why this is an essential to get as it allows you to constantly run at full speed, as long as you have the stamina for it.

The third skill I would say is more optional, but it will greatly help with parkour challenges. Afterboost allows you to gain a burst of speed after landing, or finishing a climb. More speed, means faster at completing challenges.

As for the two jumping skills that you can unlock, I highly recommend enemy jump as it allows you to jump off the head of enemies to reach ledges. Comes useful during the nighttime when you are trying to escape chases.

Bash is a big one though, and serves more as a combat skill than a parkour one in my opinion. It is like crowd runner, only instead of pushing enemies away, you bash right through them. This skill is so good, especially when taking over outposts and fighting elites as you can knock them off rooftops or into spike obstacles, killing them instantly. A major time saver.

Wall Skills Related to Parkour

  • Tic Tac (160 stamina)
  • Wall Run (200 stamina, Tic Tac skill unlocked)
  • Wall Combo (260 stamina, Tic Tac skill unlocked)
  • Wall Run Jump (240 stamina, Tic Tac skill unlocked)

Out of all the sub categories, I feel this is the only worth worth getting everything in as they are essentially all tied to wall running. They require the most stamina out of all of them, so you’ll probably end up unlocking these last, but tic tac is such a game changer as it allows you to run along walls horizontally. Wall combo lets you chain these together, where as wall run gives you the much needed boost to scale walls, with wall jump being an added booster.

There are a few other skills in the parkour section that are still unlockable, but for the most part these are the ones I feel that everyone should go for. Anything else will certainly provide much needed improvement, but these ones feel like they will make traversal all the better.

If you enjoyed this guide, be sure to keep an eye out on our Dying Light 2 guide page for more to come!

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