Dying Light 2 Won’t Feature Crossplay, Cross-Gen Not Available at Launch, Story Can Be Completed With Up to 4 Players

dying light 2 crossplay

Alongside today’s Dying Light 2 Dying 2 Know episode, which was the game’s last before launch, Techland did a Q&A where Lead Game designer at Techland, Tymon Smektala fielded a few questions from viewers. One of the questions asked was Dying Light 2 crossplay, which the developer confirmed won’t be available.

In the video chat, Smektala was asked if Dying Light 2 will feature crossplay to which he answered, “No, not at this moment; it won’t be available.”

As for cross-gen, Smektala was asked whether PS4 players can play with PS5 players, and he confirmed that this won’t be available at launch stating, “This won’t be possible at the launch of the game, but we are working to make it possible after the launch.”

While no crossplay and cross-gen is a bummer, there is a bit of good news. When asked whether the game can be completed with a friend, Smektala confirmed that it could, with a maximum of four players. Outside of the starting tutorial level of sorts, players will be able to team up and complete the entire story campaign with a friend or friends! Regarding decisions within the game that will affect the story (and in turn, gameplay), the host of the session will be the one that gets the final decision.

Speaking of co-op, Techland revealed our first look at co-op today, alongside a look at last-gen with comparison on how it fares to next-gen! As for the main campaign, players can expect to finish it with at least 20 hours of game time logged and even more if they want to do the side quests.

Dying Light 2 is set for release this February 4 on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. You can read our impressions of it after playing it for three hours right here.

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11 thoughts on “Dying Light 2 Won’t Feature Crossplay, Cross-Gen Not Available at Launch, Story Can Be Completed With Up to 4 Players

  1. They delayed the game for well over a year now AND managed to add Rosario Dawson, but no crossplay or cross progression on launch? Wth kind of priorities do these devs have?

      1. Thank you lol. The priority should be to make sure the core of the game is complete and as bug-free as possible, supplemental features like cross-play & cross-gen progression are wanted at launch but not necessarily needed.

          1. if the game released unfinished and riddled with bugs after all these delays, THAT would be a slap in the face. but if crossplay is that important to you then id recommend getting used to being slapped in the face for the foreseeable future because crossplay is not an industry standard feature at this point in time, unfortunately

  2. That’s actually a serious blow to those that can’t get a current gen (PS5/Xbox Series) system. Me my gaming group were seriously looking forward to 4 player co-op but I guess it’ll just be 2 player now. Me and a buddy have a Series X, one friend has a Xbox One X, and the other is on PC.

    Big budget (Triple A) games these days really should be cross-platform from launch (with the option to disable it) and likewise for cross-gen. No mention of whether cross-platform is coming either is worrying and disappointing since it was a heavily requested feature of DL1

  3. Me and my friend have been waiting to play this game since 2019 and in 2021 January he got a Ps5 and we did a lot of reaserch if Dying Light 2 will be cross-gen in like 2021 summer. At the time it said that cross-platform and cross-gen will be available but now this? How long after launch will it be cross-gen? I don’t care about cross-platform but I do care about cross-gen. Please I need this Techland

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