EA: Apex Legends Microtransactions Passes Over $600M for the Year; Over $1B Life-to-Date

apex legends microtransactions

It’s no secret by now that Apex Legends has been a massive success to Respawn, and of course, publisher EA. Just how successful? It’s now reached the BILLION mark in terms of revenue.

In EA’s latest quarterly earnings report, EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen shared some of the cash figures the free-to-play shooter has generated for EA so far, and thee results are astounding!

We suggested it would deliver over $1 billion in life-to-date net bookings by the end of the quarter; it actually passed that milestone with half of the quarter to go. Apex Legends delivered over $600 million for the year, well above our original expectation of $300 million to $400 million. Importantly, Apex Legends steadily grew through the last year. While Apex surely benefited from a stay-at-home tailwind, the upwards trajectory is driven by the game teams and the content they are delivering. That is, this strength is structural. – Blake Jorgensen, EA Chief Financial Officer

I always knew Apex Legends drew in the cash, but at this rate? That is seriously amazing.

In other Apex Legends news, make sure to check out the patch released yesterday to see what fixes were made.

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2 years ago

“Free to Play” Hahahahahahahahahaha…… humanity is so f**king stupid.

Alex Co
Reply to  Cilvar
2 years ago

Well, people want to stand out and buying skins lets them do that…kinda better than map packs, no?

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