Elden Ring Update 1.009.001 Drops as a Surprise Patch This April 18 (Update)

elden ring down update 1.009.001

Elden Ring update 1.009.001 has been released on all platforms this April 18, and is a surprise patch pushed out without any announcement, nor did the game’s servers undergo maintenance (which is usually the case before every patch). This is a small download, and as such, don’t expect any new content.

Elden Ring Update 1.009.001 Patch Notes | New Elden Ring Update Patch Notes:

Size: 16MB (PC), 237MB (PlayStation)

Update: FromSoftware has released the official patch notes and we’ve updated the article accordingly. This is tagged as patch version 1.09.1, and as one might expect, a minor update.

Gameplay changes and bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the effects of some Skills, Incantations, Items and Weapons that increased attack power were not applied to Spells and Incantations.
  • Fixed a bug where the Skill Contagious Fury from the Jellyfish Shield kept increasing attack power when unequipping the shield or switching to a different weapon.
  • Decreased the poise damage of the Cursed-Blood Slice Skill.

About PC Ray Tracing settings

Under certain circumstances, ray tracing has been enabled by default after updating the game to version 1.09.

  • If Ray Tracing has been unintentionally enabled and is impacting your game, you can disable it from the title menu or in-game by going to System → Graphics → Set Ray Tracing Quality to OFF.
  • If your game does not start properly or becomes unstable when Ray Tracing Quality is set to Low/Medium/High/Maximum, please consider the following options:

The version number of this update shown at the lower right corner of the Title Screen will be as follows:

App Ver. 1.09.1

Regulation Ver. 1.09.1

So far, FromSoftware has not acknowledged the title update or release the official patch notes just yet. Players in-game were notified of the update with the following message:

Update incoming…
by u/FlimyPurpuly in Eldenring

Once the patch notes are out, we’ll update the article, though don’t expect any new content from it outside of fixes that cropped up from the 1.09 patch released last March 23 that added ray tracing to the next-gen versions and other gameplay-related adjustments.

We’ll also be updating the article as more fixes are spotted, so stay tuned

Update: The official patch notes have been released by FromSoftware, and we’ve update the article to reflect the official changes.

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