Enlisted Update 1.000.045 Patch Notes for July 8

Enlisted Update 1.000.045

Darkflow Software has released the Enlisted update 1.000.045 July 8 patch, which brings improvements to the missions, vehicles. and lots more! The complete patch notes are available below.

Enlisted Update 1.000.045 Patch Notes for July 8:

For the first time in the “Battle of Berlin” campaign an “Assault” mode mission with simultaneous capturing of two points will be added. The balance of both sides has been improved for already existing Berlin battles and additional cover has been added.

Additionally the respawn window has been improved. Selected squads will no longer be reset if the selected respawn point is no longer available.

Tankers will be delighted with many fixes to armored vehicles and the implementation of a turret control mechanism from the commander’s view. Many interesting fixes and improvements are included in the full patchnotes!


Locations and missions

  • The new mission “Ministry Garden (Assault)” has been added to the “Battle of Berlin” campaign.
  • Additional cover has been added for the missions “Lehrter Bahnhof (Invasion, Conquest)” and “Ministry Garden (Invasion)”.
  • In order to improve balance the system of awarding respawn points has been adjusted when the point has been captured by an attacking team in the (Invasion) and (Assault) game modes.
  • Balance improvements for the (Invasion) missions in the “Battle of Berlin” campaign: the time required to capture some strategic points has been increased.
  • Balance improvements for the (Invasion) missions in the “Battle for Moscow” campaign: the time required to capture some strategic points has been reduced; the number of reinforcement points for the attacking team has been increased.
  • Balance improvements for the (Invasion) missions in the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign: the time required to capture some strategic points has been increased.
  • The time required to capture points in Assault mode has been reduced.
  • Balance in the missions “The Maisky Forestry (Invasion)”, “Monastery (Invasion)”, “Vysokovo Village (Invasion)”, “Ver-sur-Mer (Invasion)” and “Lehrter Bahnhof (Invasion)” for Lone Fighters mode has been improved: the number of reinforcement points for the attacking team has been increased and the time to capture some strategic points has been reduced.
  • The location of some respawn points for missions of the “Battle of Berlin” campaign have been improved.
  • The depth of the trenches in Berlin and Normandy locations have been adjusted to allow for more convenient firing.


  • The ability to control the turret and gun of the tank from the commander’s seat without getting out of the hatch (available only on tanks with commander’s view devices in the direction of the gun) has been added.
  • The commander position is now considered a priority and players will occupy it first. Commander optics allow for the most efficient control of the vehicle’s movement. Crew members will take their positions in the following order: driver, commander (if not occupied), gunner. If a player enters the vehicle, AI-soldiers will move from the commander position. If only two crew members remain, an AI-soldier will occupy the driver position, leaving the gunner position free and available to be swapped.
  • The display of the camouflage and coloring on the vehicle icons have been added.
  • The sight indicating the direction where the tank turret is facing is now indicated by a special marker – if the player takes the place of the tank commander.
  • T-60 – The gunner now has the ability to climb out of the hatch. The control of the cannon and turret will be disabled during this process as there is no one to control them.

Gameplay and other changes

  • Now every daily task will reward an equal amount of Battle Pass points, and each BP reward will need three tasks to achieve.
  • The interface displaying current tasks, battle pass and achievements on the main screen has been updated.
  • Improved interface for progress and achievements, first battle rewards in the “Achievements” window.
  • Now in the weapons upgrade menu, you can select upgrading for parts or for upgrade orders.
  • Long trophy titles in the supply window are now separated by lines.
  • Vehicle and weapon icons in the window with information about the contents of supply containers and information about the prizes of the campaign have been colored. Also the display of their availability status has been corrected.
  • The names of players who deserted the battle are now highlighted in strikethrough font in the debriefing window.
  • Performance on locations with a large number of aircraft has been improved.
  • Gamepads: Vibration in battle has been improved.
  • The fire rate of the PPS-42 has been changed from 700 to 600 shots per minute.
  • The fire rate of the PPS-43 has been changed from 600 to 700 shots per minute.


  • Grenades will now not explode immediately in the hands of killed soldiers. They will explode after some time.
  • The effect of flames over optics will no longer appear in the squad selection window.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the loader to change the shell type after the loading cycle had started.
  • The reloading indicator for tank cannons now works correctly.
  • Fixed the view angles limiting commander vision in the tank without an active gunner – now they are calculated based on the turret direction, not the hull direction.
  • In the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign ally soldiers will no longer respawn faster than axis soldiers.
  • The squad selection will no longer be cleared if the selected respawn point becomes unavailable. The “Pilot” role is now correctly displayed.
  • Flames on the optics of the vehicle will now blind tankers.
  • Fixed incorrect dynamic lighting and shadow effects.
  • Tracers will no longer be visible inside the aircraft cockpit.
  • Blood will no longer disappear on snow.
  • Removed the possibility to build rally points underwater.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of the tank control panel in the settings menu, controls menu, suicide menu and exit menu.
  • A timer will no longer be displayed if trying to enter into a destroyed vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug in which 20-mm HE shells could not damage soldiers with a direct hit or when hitting a nearby surface within the blast radius.
  • Picked-up weapons now will no longer lose scopes or ammo.
  • Long callsign names in the soldier cards in the debriefing screen now fit correctly.
  • Fixed an error where sometimes low-poly models were displayed in optical scopes.
  • Removed the orange light when shooting from stationary guns.
  • Shoulder straps for USSR engineers, pilots and radio operators have been replaced with more historically accurate examples.
  • Fixed AI-soldiers becoming stuck in some areas.
  • Fixed AI-soldiers sliding on steep surfaces.

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