Enlisted Update 1.24 Released This January 31

enlisted update 1.24

Darkflow Software has released the Enlisted update 1.24 patch this January 31, and this one is for changes and fixes as per usual. Check out what’s new in this latest patch below.

Enlisted Update 1.24 Patch Notes:

At the time of writing, Darkflow Software has not yet released the full notes for the latest Enlisted update. In the meantime, check out the full list of improvements made in the last patch below:

Full list of improvements

  • As well as leaving vehicles as a whole squad, it is now possible for the controlled soldier only to exit from a vehicle by a separate button (by default – repair button). You can change the button in the settings.
  • Added resupply points in missions for armored vehicles in all game modes.
  • Added indicator that displays time until next resupply for armored vehicle resupply points.
  • Added short-term invulnerability of vehicles after spawn.
  • Added additional vehicle spawn points in missions Monastery (Invasion), Quarry (Invasion), Vysokovo Village (Invasion), The Manor (Assault), D-Day (Invasion), Airfield (Invasion), Le Bre (Invasion), Ver-sur-Mer (Invasion), Königsplatz (Invasion), Moat (Invasion), The Kroll Opera House (Invasion), The Kroll Opera House (Assault), Fortress (Invasion), Gorge (Invasion) and Oasis (Invasion).
  • Corrected the location of the battle area in the Omer (Invasion) mission.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the wrong information about maximum speed in vehicle cards.
  • Anti Tank and anti aircraft guns now fall to the ground when the surface on which they were mounted is destroyed. The other engineer buildings are destroyed in similar cases.
  • One of the decorations for the top 25% in the Steel Fortress event has been updated to look more like the original version.
  • Fixed a bug that caused one of the name decorations received for the top 50% in the Steel Fortress event to be changed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused only one experience bonus to apply when using multiple experience bonuses.

We’ll update this post once the full patch notes are out.

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