EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Wireless Gaming Earbuds Announced

GTW 270 Hybrid

While EPOS is known for audio gear in gaming circles with its Sennheiser headsets, the company has today announced wireless gaming earbuds! Called the GTW 270 Hybrid, these earbuds are the first solely EPOS branded mobile gaming peripheral.

Designed for gamers, the GTW 270 Hybrid connects to the Nintendo Switch out of the box, and is also compatible for PC, PlayStation and Android & Apple devices. According to EPOS, these low-latency wireless earbuds can run for five hours of charge, and an additonal 20 hours via the charging case. The GTW 270 Hybrid connects to devices through a USC-C dongle, along with Bluetooth.

Check out screenshots of it along with the key features below.


Closed acoustic earbuds

Closed-back and in-ear for maximum noise reduction and maximum game focus

Multi-platform compatibility

Multi-compatibility through the USB-C aptX™ low-latency dongle and Bluetooth®

IPX 5 water resistance

IPX 5 water resistance protects the earbuds from sweat and light rain

Compact design and organic shape

Unique light-weight organic shape for secure and comfortable in-ear fit

Portable charge case

Up to 20 hours of listening time: five on the earbuds plus 15 more with the case

The GTW 270 Hybrid is available now for $199, while the dongle-free GTW 270 can be pre-ordered now for $169 though there’s no set release date just yet.

As someone who wears glasses all the time, this could be the perfect gaming headset without getting my glasses’ frame messed up! We’ll try and get our mitts on one and push out a review.

Update: Added that the earbuds can be used on Apple devices too.

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