DEPSTECH HD 1080P Webcam and 2K QHD Webcam Comparative Review – The Eye of the Beholder

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Recently I had the opportunity to work with two different webcams in Depstech’s line of products. These being the HD 1080P pictured on the left above, and the 2K QHD on the right. While these two cameras are currently the same price and seem to have similar features, it is the small things that matter when it comes to making these kinds of decisions. I’ve decided to write a comparative review as I imagine that’s how many of us end up buying webcams and other tech accessories anyway. So let’s jump right in.

The HD 1080P has a distinctive silver casing on the sides and back.

It should be said first off that both of these cameras are excessively easy to use. Both of them come out the box ready to plug and play. This brings us to the first major difference, the 2K QHD USB has male sides on both ends and can be disconnected completely while the HD 1080P has the camera end of the USB hardwired into it’s back. I tend to prefer wires that can be used for multiple devices if need be, though I see the value of never losing your power cord. So I’m going to side with the 2K QHD on this one. 

The 2K QHD is wider and shorter overall.

Both cameras were found and functional on my computer within just a few seconds of being plugged in and didn’t require any downloads to begin operation. I found that the base of the HD 1080P stayed in place on my monitor slightly easier. This is likely due to it being a few grams liter than the 2K QHD, which feels heavier and sturdier internally. The webcams each have different finished on them, with the 2K QHD having a somewhat reflective gloss on the faceplate around the lens and a smooth back, whereas the HD 1080P is mostly a lightly textured plastic and has a bezzeled double triangle piece surrounding the lens, reducing the amount of potential smudge on the faceplate. Aesthetically and physically, the HD 1080P feels tougher and more capable of surviving damage whereas the 2K QHD feels more expensive and delicate, while paradoxically falling easier. I tend to prefer the former so I’m giving the point to the HD 1080P. But your preference may vary.

As far as the image quality of the lenses themselves: Both webcams deliver a picture with serviceable fidelity. These are not studio quality but at their shared value price of $29.99 they are solid pieces of hardware at that price point. Comparing the two webcams as can be expected the 2K QHD has a higher quality image overall with crisper lines and less motion blur. It is also a much wider lens, capturing a bigger area than the HD 1080P. This is a good and a bad thing as I found myself not always inclined to share everything in the room behind me with those on the other end. So keeping that in mind, I’m still going to give the point on the image and lens to the 2K QHD.

Based on these three Criteria, I would probably recommend getting the 2K QHD as it has slightly better functionality, even if it’s base isn’t quite as secure. Both are acceptable and perfectly functional value price webcams. But for my money I would probably recommend the 2K QHD if you have the option.


A review unit of both the 2K QHD and the HD 1080P were provided by the manufacturer. Click here to read SP1st and MP1st’s review and scoring policy. Both cameras are now available wherever webcams are sold.