Evidence Shows Call of Duty Warzone RPG Nerf From Latest Patch Is Actually a Buff

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In case you didn’t know, Infinity Ward has rolled out a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch earlier this week that included changes to Call of Duty: Warzone as well, which is normal these days. Before this patch dropped, Infinity Ward announced that the RPG will be getting a nerf, which was also mentioned in the notes. Well, as it turns out, evidence has now proved that this Call of Duty Warzone RPG nerf, is actually a buff!

YouTuber Xclusive Ace did the testing and found out the different values which you can see below for pre-patch (Modern Warfare patch 1.21) and post-patch. Note that aside from the RPG, it seems the other launchers got re-jigged as well based on data.

Note that for the “max damage” values, this is for RPG hits that are not direct hits since those will always down players in Warzone. These max damage rangers are for RPGs that hit the floor or wall next to the player. As for “minimum damage,” this is edge when you barely damage the enemy.

Additionally, Ace states that this patch notes does “not make any sense,” given that contrary to what people think, since the studio mentions that in this patch, they have reduced the radius of RPG one-hit kills. Though it’s worth noting, even before pre-patch, this was not possible (unless it’s a direct hit). However, this is where the Call of Duty Warzone RPG nerf report turns south: with the introduction of the latest patch, players CAN now one-shot players.

I suggest giving the entire video a go to see what other findings are there. One thing’s for sure though: Infinity Ward could avoid any confusion if they just revealed the exact changes to weapon tweaks whenever they’re rolled out.

Do you use the RPG in Warzone? Is it better or worse after the 1.21 patch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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