Evil Dead: The Game Adds Ash’s Sister Cheryl Williams, Gameplay Reveal Coming This June 10

Evil Dead: The Game

Prepare to get groovy and excited as the sibling of Evil Dead’s hotheaded hero returns, as Evil Dead: The Game adds Ash’s sister Cheryl Williams, and the gameplay reveal is coming this June 10, Thursday during this year’s Summer Game Fest!

As tweeted out by the official Evil Dead: The Game page, here’s the announcement of Cheryl’s inclusion in the game based on Sam Raimi’s crazy horror franchise!

Ash’s little sister is back for revenge Here’s your first look at Cheryl Williams in Evil Dead: The Game Get ready for the unveiling of Evil Dead in action. The official first Gameplay Video will be world premiering this week Thursday June 10 exclusively at the Summer Game Fest.

.First appearing in the original Evil Dead film released in 1981 and played by actress Ellen Sandweiss, Cheryl Williams is the sister of Ash and one of the five members of the group that went to that fateful retreat in the cabin that led to several paranormal incidents as a result of demonic entities and the evil book known as the Necronomicon. Cheryl would be the first victim to be turned into a Deadite — resulting in her attacking Ash and their companions,

As it’s been almost a year since Evil Dead: The Game was announced, this is definitely something to look forward to as we await more details and a release date for this long awaited game!

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