Evil Dead The Game PS5 File Size, Preload Date Revealed

evil dead the game ps5 file size

Ahead of its release in a few weeks, the Evil Dead the Game PS5 file size and preload date have been revealed, allowing prospective players to prepare for the upcoming launch of the asymmetrical multiplayer title! Head down below to see the preload details for Evil Dead the Game.

The Evil Dead the Game PS5 file size and preload date information comes from known dataminer PlayStation Game Size, who posted it over on Twitter:

🚨 Evil Dead: The Game (PS5)

▶️ Download Size : 4.966 GB (Without Day One Patch)

🟩 Pre-Load : May 11

🟫 Launch : May 13


🟧 @EvilDeadTheGame

There you have it. Players will not have to reserve that much space for the game, which we can chalk up to the superior compression tech for the PS5. As for preloading, players can start downloading the on May 11, game two days before its official launch on May 13.

In case you missed it, check out gameplay videos for Evil Dead the Game here, showcasing footage for the Demon as well as Survivors.

Source: Twitter

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