Evil Dead: The Game Update 1.21 Brings Plaguebringer Demon & More This September 8 (Update)

Evil Dead: The Game Update 1.21

Evil Dead: The Game update 1.21 has just been released by Saber Interactive, and this brings the new Demon class Plaguebringer into the game (for free) alongside new Survivors and more (as part of the Season 1 Pass)! Read on for the Evil Dead: The Game September 8 patch notes.

Evil Dead: The Game Update 1.21 Patch Notes | Evil Dead: The Game September 8 Patch Notes:

Update: The complete patch notes are now available.

New Content

  • New survivors: Mia and David from Evil Dead 2013
  • New demon: Plaguebringer
  • New weapons: Syringe and Nailgun
  • New mission: Weekend at Knowby’s with rewards (3 new screamers)
  • Now missions can be played without following the numeric order
  • Now the cars receive damage/second during the Dark Ones and the Necronomicon phases
  • Map selection in Exploration Mode

New Feature

  • Map selection in Exploration Mode

Balance Updates

  • The lever action rifle now uses handgun ammo
  • Mini Eligos’ Thunderstruck attack has increased velocity
  • Warlord’s Elite Unit’s light attack is faster now
  • More aggressive AI now interrupts its taunts to attack
  • Increased possibility of the AI performing special attacks
  • Necromancer now can’t spawn a second Flutist while the first one is still active
  • More Infernal Energy Orbs in Caravans and Cabin map
  • The minimum distance between objectives has increased to avoid them spawning very close by
  • After an objective, the Demon gets expelled closer to the next objective
  • Reduced high rarity drops on common boxes 
  • Reduced the rarity of hidden weapons
  • Reduced the number of hidden weapons on the Army of Darkness map 
  • Reduced Shemp’s and Amulet spawn in Castle Kandar 
  • Reduced the amount of spawned cars on all maps 
  • Increased Necronomicon health by 5% 
  • Storm now closes 50 additional meters 
  • Decrease the max amount of Shemp’s Cola taken by Mini Ashes trap from 2 to 1


  • Players can no longer duplicate amulets and “Shemps Cola”
  • Players can no longer duplicate items simultaneously by pressing “Drop” and “Drop all”
  • Players can no longer drop items while being attacked by Mini Ashes Trap, Hand Trap, and during Finisher animations
  • Demon upgrades apply correctly to every unit skill (previously, some of them weren’t correctly applied)
  • Demon receives the correct damage to its Evil Energy while possessing a car
  • You can no longer drop the weapon and open the map during the possession animation
  • Now the cars receive damage/second during the Dark Ones and the Necronomicon phases
  • The Necronomicon can no longer be attacked before its timer starts
  • Survivor is no longer able to continue in an infinite Bleeding Out
  • Survivor is no longer able to attack during the Bleeding Out
  • The Survivor’s ability cooldown can no longer be stuck at 0 after being possessed by the Demon while activating the active ability
  • Demi-Eligos’ clone no longer disappears after spawning
  • Fixed the non-damage attacks for Warlord and Puppeteer Boss Units to Necronomicon (now their abilities inflict damage to the Necronomicon)
  • Fixed video stuttering after the player kills Evil Ash on Mission 5
  • Ranged weapons model no longer disappears from the player’s hands
  • Caravans map no longer freezes in an area near Dead End on Xbox One and PS4
  • Fixed objective in Caravans without pick-up prompt
  • Players can no longer walk in the air if their vaulting animation is interrupted by a demon scare portal trap
  • Ranged weapon’s crosshair no longer stays on screen after dying during the Necronomicon phase
  • Hunter’s “Light Therapy” skill can no longer be unlocked without spending skill points at the second tier
  • When in Solo Mode, players will no longer freeze during the Dark Ones banishing animation
  • Survivors no longer have issues reviving their teammates if they start doing it while running
  • Fixed the cost of portals not being reduced during the Necronomicon phase
  • Fix for Clara pond objective bug
  • Various stability fixes
  • Various fixes for navigation and environment locations where players get stuck

Aside from the patch notes, here are some of the details regarding the Plaguebringer, Mia and other changes observed by the community in yesterday’s stream showcasing today’s content drop.

Mia Abilities:

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-Mia is a Warrior and David a Support.

-Mia’s immunity to possession is not a passive thing but her button ability, and only lasts for a short period of time.

-David’s button ability is to place and lit a small blue fire, that reduces everyone’s fear slowly, just like any other prop light in the world map would, it also increases the possession costs for the demon.

-Mia inflicts bleeding status on the enemies with her heavy attacks.

-When David uses a shemp he gives himself and nearby survivors a brief damage resistance buff.

-Plaguebringer button ability is to place a giant cauldron, it has a huge AoE effect that decreases the amount of HP given by shemps and reduces the balance bar damage dealt by survivors.

-Said giant cauldron is quite sturdy, and can take a big beating before getting destroyed. The demon also used it to briefly block access to a loot crate, and then body block and trap some survivors on the stairs of a Kandar chest tower… I can already see this thing bringing many salty tears from the dumb lone wolf looters on Dead End’s second floors.

-The Witch seems crazy strong, all her attacks deal AoE damage, her normals shoot anime like sword fang projectiles with quite the range.

-The Witch has a special gimmick where if she “dies” by running out of infernal energy to control her she resurrects herself in zerker mode for a brief amount of extra time.

-The recovery speed of stunned possessed units is noticeably faster now.

-Besides the nailgun there’s also a new melee weapon, a pair of big syringes, they seem as quick as barefists.

-The AI for the mob units has been tweaked, they are more aggressive now and use their special attacks more often.

-The demon mist now closes down much, MUCH closer and tighter to the Necronomicon during the book phase.

-The distance the demon player gets teleported away every time a dagger/page objective is completed has been greatly decreased.

-The number of cars on maps seems to have been slightly reduced, as a streamer points out how the SUV that always spawns in middle of Fort Gort is no longer there.

-Mia has machete mastery and David nailgun mastery.

-Seems like Mia can’t use chainsaws.

-Plaguebringer basics are skeletons dual-wielding swords, they are fragile but super fast, most of their attacks involve spinning their blades around like crazy.

-Plaguebringer basics have a thrusting lunge charge attack, quite similar to the one Necromancer basics use, but way much faster and with way more range.

-When the Pit Demon dies she melts away and leaves a huge pond of green goo that slows down survivors.

-The Pit Demon has a big foot stomp AoE attack, looks quite similar to Henrietta’s body slam but only with a wide frontal hitbox.

-Plaguebringer has no cooldowns for the special attacks of all her units, she uses infernal energy for them instead.

-Besides the obligatory grab move the Witch also has potion tossing projectiles, and a huge scream AoE attack.

-Mia transforms into her demon form and looks like she is “possessed” when she uses her button ability.

-The dupe exploit is apparently fixed now?

-They haven’t showcased it yet, but streamers confirmed cars now take damage near the book.

That’s about it. Once we know more regarding Evil Dead: The Game’s next content drop, we’ll let our readers know.

Once the full patch notes are out, we’ll update the post.

Source: Saber Support; Thanks, Anybody360!

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