Battlefield – The Evolution of Gulf of Oman

Gulf of Oman may not have the same lengthy history that the age-old classic Battlefield map Wake Island boasts, but it’s a fun one to look back on and compare its Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4 iterations.

Doing just that, YouTuber ZappITGames-100 has put together a nifty video showcasing the variation between all three versions of Gulf of Oman, a Battlefield multiplayer map based on the real world location of the same name. Check it out in the featured section above.

Thus far, Gulf of Oman has appeared in all three numbered Battlefield sequels. In 2011’s Battlefield 3 and 2013’s Battlefield 4, however, developer DICE offered a reimagined take on the classic map via two multiplayer expansions, Back to Karkand and Second Assault, respectively. Though the biggest disparities can be found between its Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3 versions, the map was given a bit of a face lift in Battlefield 4 through the introduction of wavy seas and a gigantic overshadowing sand storm that eventually engulfs the entire map.

So, what version of Gulf of Oman was your favorite?

Thanks, Pixel Enemy.

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