Fall Guys Cheater Island Was An Actual Thing Until it Backfired

Fall Guys Update 1.09 October 8

In hopes of teaching cheaters a lesson of ruining fun, developers Mediatonic devised a system that would pool cheaters into their own lobby, dubbing these Fall Guys servers as Cheater Island. Sadly, despite filling these servers with cheaters, the idea didn’t stick for long.

Taking to Twitter, Mediatonic shared the tale of Fall Guys Cheater Island on how it came to be, and how eventually they decided to get rid of it.


They explained that they started with their anti-cheat system, one that wouldn’t insta-ban cheaters but instead matchmake them in their own servers.With them collecting enough data on cheaters and being 100 sure that the system was foolproof, they decided to launch these cheater lobbies, only big issue was they weren’t getting filled. To help solve this, they decided to lower the threshold in terms of what was considered cheating, and eventually these servers got filled with cheaters.

Well despite having good intentions, this idea eventually backfired as it was beginning to get hard to differentiate what lobbies had actual cheaters and which ones didn’t. Many legitimate players ended up uploading videos showing lobbies that, to Mediatonic eyes were indeed cheater lobbies, but in reality were just normal lobbies filled with cheaters.

And thus, due to the big success of the game and the amount of cheaters appearing in it, the team had to call in Epic Games for some help and as of today, has released a whole new anti-cheat system to replace the one they had before.

What do you guys think, was this the right decision for the team to remove cheater island?

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