Fall Guys Devs Explain PS+ Debut, Has Insanely Hard Trophy They Don’t Expect Anyone to Get

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In case you didn’t know, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is set for release this August 4 on PS4 as part of the August free games lineup. In a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), the devs at Mediatonic fielded a ton of questions about the game, and one of these is why the game is debuting on PlayStation Plus as opposed to a regular release.

Here’s what the Lead Game Designer had to say about debuting with PlayStation Plus and why it’s a good idea:

Really early on we’d talked about launching on PS+ being the dream because it would give us a ton of players at launch and really fill the servers up. Plus it just gets the game out there into the ether in a way that was really important to us as a premium game. Obviously we’d seen what it had done for Rocket League too- we felt like we were bringing something similarly unique to the multiplayer space, and that hopefully it could have the same effect on us.

When we started talking to Sony they almost instantly brought it up as a possibility which was awesome for us. We can’t want to get everyone playing on launch day!

The studio’s Senior Community Manager aslo chimed in:

Sony were really enthusiastic about the game when we showed them an early version of it, and we felt that taking this route would help expose the game to a far larger audience than we could have reached on our own. Also, it’s something that worked super well for Rocket League which has been one of our inspirations.

Keeping line with the PlayStation dicussion, the devs also revealed that there’s a Trophy in the game that’s “very hard” to get, which the studio doesn’t even think anyone will actually earn.

We have trophies and one of them is so insanely hard I don’t think anyone will ever unlock it.

We’ll have a full review up once Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is out this coming Tuesday, August 4.