Fall Guys Update 1.19 April 6 Stumbles Out for a Small Download (Update)

Fall Guys Update 1.31

Mediatonic has released the Fall Guys update 1.19 April 6 patch, and nope, don’t expect anything major, there’s no new content, though some players might see a bug crop up regarding a trial version of some sort.

Fall Guys Update 1.19 April 6 Patch Notes:

Update: Full patch notes are now available via Mediatonic!

  • Fixed the Squads matchmaking issue where the number of players would rise, and then start to fall again
  • Fixed players spawning in solo squads at the start of the Show
  • Number of Squads qualified now coincides with the number in ‘TOP {0} QUALIFY’ UI text
  • Fixed last remaining squad being incorrectly eliminated if all members concurrently fall into the slime during Jump Showdown
  • Fixed incorrect number of teams qualifying after a team game on Squads
  • Squad Shows now allow the same number of players players as the max show value displays into the Show
  • Fame gained from Challenges will now be displayed in the the Show Summary
  • Fixed season progression displaying incorrectly when earning a Fame reward from a Challenge
  • Fixed fame not being awarded for challenge completion
  • Improvements to the player being unable to mantle movable platforms with high ping/packet loss
  • Improvements to character issues with mantling under latency
  • Improvements to newly perceived lag by players in Season 4

Where I have bolded improvements, it means there should be a positive difference, but it won’t be completely resolved for all players or all instances yet. Specifically with mantling (climbing) and grabbing, these are improvements we are still looking into.

We’ve also removed one of the rounds on Slime Climb Time after feedback that it was a little too many!

Clocking in at just 244MB on PS4, and even less on PC, here’s what Mediatonic has shared so far on the game’s offcial Discord channel:

 update is all good fixes, nothing controversial here I promise! Full details coming soon

As for the trial error, some players might be seeing this message appear after the update:

I updated my game and my game says it’s a trial version or something? Has anyone else seen this in their game? from FallGuysGame

Why Is Fall Guys Showing as a Trial for My Full Game?

Mediatonic has issued a new statement for this as well:

What is this ‘Trial Version’ error I am seeing on PC?

A purely visual issue – it has nothing to do with the game itself, nor the future of the game. There will be a small patch to fix this as soon as we can, but there is no knock-on into gameplay.

I am seeing an Anti-cheat error with Unknown file version (XXXX) when I open my game

I have spoken to a few people with this issue today and for all, it is fixed once they verify their game files. It’s super easy, just follow the instructions here under verify your game files: https://support.fallguys.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018286740-PC-Troubleshooting

Here’s the official statement from Mediatonic regarding this as per the Discord channel:

  Hey beans! The ‘trial version’ is an error left in that has absolutely nothing to do with the game itself! You can play as usual with no issues, there is no trial version of the game. We’ll be putting out a fix to remove this ASAP

That seems  to be it for today’s patch. Once we know more, or if the full changelog is released, we’ll update the post.

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