Fall Guys Update 1.28 Rolls Out for 5.Fun Patch This August 31

Mediatonic has rolled out the Fall Guys update 1.28 August 31 patch, or what the studio calls the 5.fun title update. This brings new content in “Sum Fruit” which is a new logic round, and there are also fixes and improvements released as well.

Fall Guys Update 1.28 Patch Notes | Fall Guys Update 5.Fun Patch Notes:


Introducing ‘Sum Fruit’, a new logic Round! Count the fruit, stand on a tile, and avoid the rising slime!

Alongside multiple Round variations – like really a LOT – including Fall Mountain, Door Dash, Slime Climb, Treetop Tumble, Block Party, and more which you can find in our mix-it-up playlist!


[Hoarders] Fall Guys will no longer be knocked down by balls

[Lost Temple] Improvements to issues grabbing crown

[Royal Fumble] Patched an additional exploit where a Fall Guy could climb an invisible platform

[Costumes] Improvements to clipping at waist for various costumes

[Menus] Newsfeed no longer pops-up with already-viewed messages

[Menus] Fixed blank Show Selector if a new show is added while player is in-game

[Lost Temple] Fixed Fall Guy clipping through checkerboard floor

[Lily Leapers] Fixed some instances of players falling through the platforms

[ Stompin’ Ground] Various improvements to rhino behaviour

[Settings – Audio] Reset button added to Audio Options

[Fall Guy] Improved Fall Guy’s recovery time to a standing position after diving on a conveyor belt

[Squads] Nameplates will now display in correct order on victory screen

[Rounds] Various improvements to textures on PS4

[In-Game UI] Fixed 3-second black screen after exiting during the loading screen of an in-progress game

And more small improvements – you should see a better rotation in your shop if you have been experiencing issues, but we are still working on it – Trello will be updated at the end of this week!

Why 5.Fun? We wanted to roll out an update at a different time this time around, but didn’t want to make it a mid-season as it isn’t quite the middle of the season… so we’re here!

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