Far Cry 6 Update 1.06 Patch Notes; Brings QoL & Bug Fixes for TU3 This December 7

Far Cry 6 Update 1.06

Ubisoft has released the Far Cry 6 update 1.06 patch this December 7, which is called Title Update 3, and brings a host of gameplay improvements, upcoming content and more. Read on for the full patch notes below.

Far Cry 6 Update 1.06 Patch Notes | Far Cry 6 Title Update 3 Patch Notes:

Patch sizes (based on development environment, install sizes will vary for different language packs):

  • PC: ~ 8 GB without HD Texture Pack, ~12.4 GB with HD Texture Pac
  • PlayStation 4: Between 15 – 21 GB depending on language pack
  • PlayStation 5: 22.75 GB
  • Xbox One: ~10 GB
  • Xbox Series X: ~14 GB
  • Xbox Series S: ~10 GB

Quality-of-Life updates

  • Made several adjustments to reduce the instances where HUD elements would be blocked or hidden, e.g., when changing region.
  • When starting a Special Operation, the player joining the Co-Op session will now be informed which Special Operation is being started.
  • Increased Mission tracker icon and font size when using the “Increased” option for UI and Fonts Scaling under the Vision option menu.
  • Added MSI Mystic Light RGB support to the game.

New Utility Packs – Coming December 16:
Materials Pack

  • Basic Materials Pack: 300 Far Cry Credits
  • Advanced Material Pack: 1000 Far Cry Credits
  • Specialist Materials Pack: 2000 Far Cry Credits

Yaran Pesos Pack

  • Small Yaran Pesos Pack: 300 Far Cry Credits
  • Medium Yaran Pesos Pack: 500 Far Cry Credits
  • Large Yaran Pesos Pack: 1000 Far Cry Credits

Bug fixes:


  • Fixed an issue that could cause NPC models to become corrupted for player joining a co-op session, after an extended co-op playtime.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause enemies to not be shown on the minimap during the “Cocodrilo” Special Operation.

Vaas: Insanity

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the host to be stuck in a black screen after pressing “Save and Quit” in the final scoreboard.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Self-Help”, “Dear Diary” and “Freudian Field Day” achievements to not correctly unlock after meeting the required conditions.


  • HD Texture Pack – Some assets appearing blurry

Developer comment: We have made some changes for the HD Texture Pack on PC that should decrease the blurriness that appeared for some players when using the HD Texture Pack. When looking into these reports, we are seeing players using graphics cards with less than 12 GB of VRAM available. When using the HD Texture Pack with less than the minimum required VRAM available, the performance and the look of the game can be worse than without the pack.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Aim Type” and “Weapon Wheel Interaction” options to reset to default when restarting the game.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Vaas: Insanity DLC to become unavailable when signing-out and signing-in to the same Xbox Live profile.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to constantly be prompted with a “Quit Game” message after restarting from Rest mode.

Xbox One

  • Fixed an issue that could cause weapons and weapon attachments to disappear.

Xbox Series X|S

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Menu cursor to get stuck on screen when opening the military escalation popup after loading a save.

Source: Ubisoft forums

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11 thoughts on “Far Cry 6 Update 1.06 Patch Notes; Brings QoL & Bug Fixes for TU3 This December 7

  1. Hope this fixed a bug that breaks the game. Can’t drive any vehicle or horse if you happen to use R mouse button as Forward. Game far too big to walk everywhere. So, literally, unplayable until this is fixed. Been using mouse 2 for 20 years to walk and drive.

  2. Welp, now my game is crashing upon starting it… yay for the update…. verify files did nothing. having to re-install 96GB…. FUN!

  3. Love the underhanded comment on the texture pack about how it’s really our fault. Except vram requirements go down when you use FSR or lower the resolution or other settings. But that makes no difference and they always fail to mention that. And it’s also happening to people with 3090s and 6900xt. There was no problem with it in far cry 5 and the textures in that are arguably just as good if not better. Also cyberpunk for all of its problems looks much better and runs just fine so does rdr2 and a whole host of games with better textures.

    1. Yeah, but there’s a difference between “better” and “higher resolution”. The FC6 textures are higher resolution. That requires more RAM so they don’t screw up. Whether or not they’re actually better for all of that extra RAM-usage is a different issue and is more subjective.

      I’m reminded of back before 1080p became absolutely standard. Often, if you got an upper-end TV that was on the 720p side of the divide, it would look better than a lower-end model on the 1080p side of the divide. You could come out with a better-looking image if you stripped the resolution by playing it on the better, lower-res display.

      It’s kind of the opposite side of things, in this situation, but the reasons are similar. You’d have to sample the better-quality textures at a really low resolution, before they’ll look worse than the textures that were lower quality to begin with.

      Even on PS4, the CP77 textures are freaking gorgeous … eventually … when they load in. The lighting and effects are garbage on PS4, but the textures … eventually … look amazing even on that weak of a system.

  4. So I was just playing and I had it do the update so I could play with my friend and now I try to load the game up and it doesn’t even work. Pretty pissed about it now. So fix it and figure out shit before you update things from now on..

  5. So I didn’t see anything about the surgical extraction game breaking bug being fixed. Guess another month of not being able to play. Great game Ubisoft

  6. Have they fixed the fact that you can no longer recruit guns for hire? It was a social life saver. You could have two random npcs with 2 sets of perks each. Such as acquires ammo for you or plants. They even could drive you around while you chill out. And there was enough variety of guns for hire that the conversations between different npcs was always entertaining. Now we’re stuck with speechless animals and no companions. Got to 80% trophy completion in a week. And then decided I hate this game. It’s a watered-down version. A crossbreed of FC5 and New Dawn. It just took the worst parts of both. R.I.P. Farcry and any last Trust in Ubisoft.

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