Farming Simulator 22 New Maps, Packs and More Revealed at Farmcon

Farming Simulator 22 new maps

GIANTS Software shared a lot of new announcements and teasers for Farming Simulator 22 at FarmCon. FarmCon is an annual community event, where developer GIANTS Software talks in detail about the upcoming content. Some of the key stuff announced were Farming Simulator 22 new maps, a new pack incoming next month, and more.

Farming Simulator 22 New Maps. Packs and Content Announced at Farmcon: 

Here is a summary of everything that was announced:

  • New official pack announced: Vermeer Pack coming August 23rd
  • Third-party Pumps ‘N Hoses Pack by Creative Mesh coming September 27th
  • Free content available now: John Deere 5M Series and classic John Deere 710
  • Platinum Edition & Expansion map “Silverrun Forest” revealed with teaser

New Packs Planned for August & September
With the Vermeer Pack, virtual farmers look forward to the digitalization of the world’s first self-propelled baler, the ZR-5. Overall, five efficient and unique machines from the North-American manufacturer Vermeer are included. Releasing on August 23rd, it’s already available for pre-order. A Vermeer Pack teaser offers a first glimpse at the machines.

Presented and published by GIANTS Software, the Pumps N’ Hoses Pack releases on September 27th. Developed by the third-party studio Creative Mesh, Pumps N’ Hoses offers umbilical systems (using pumps and hoses to spread fertilizer more efficiently and soil-friendly), manure separation and configurable biogas plants. Over 30 new items are included.

First Look at November’s Platinum Expansion Map
The Platinum Expansion & Platinum Edition add more than 40 new machines by Volvo Group and others to Farming Simulator 22, as well as a new map: Silverrun Forest. Inspired by the Pacific Northwest of the United States, the map was presented for the first time with a map teaser video. With a lush landscape dominated by vast areas of forest, players enjoy harvesting and planting new types of trees while taking on new missions and providing logs to develop various points of interest.

GIANTS Software has said that they will stream the stage program scheduled for Saturday on the company’s official Twitch channel and it will start at 10 AM CEST. Fans will learn more about the content coming to Farming Simulator 22. The developer has also released The John Deere tractors 5M Series and 710 (historical tractor launched in 1965 by John Deere-Lanz in Mannheim)  which are available to download now on the official ModHub.

Farming Simulator 22 is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC.

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