Farming Simulator 22 Update 1.05 Released for Fixes This December 22

Giants Software has released the Farming Simulator 22 update 1.05 (PS5 version 1.050) for the game, and this seems to include a short list of fixes. Check out the patch notes below for patches and 1.2.02.

Farming Simulator 22 Update 1.05 Patch Notes | Farming Simulator 22 Update 1.050 Patch Notes:

Patch (available soon)

  • Fixed pallet handling with Manitou MC 18-4
  • Fixed issue when using tools with variable working width in Norwegian and Portuguese
  • Fixed issue when using charging station in Czech
  • Fixed issue when AI grain tank is almost full in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish
  • Fixed crash when loading savegames with corrupted trees (trees can still get corrupted when cutting)

Patch (console only)

  • Fixed a rare issue where suspending the game could lead to either a black screen or an infinite saving situation (Xbox)
  • Fixed an issue where downloading lots of mods would cause the game to crash when changing users or saving and quitting savegames (Xbox)
  • Fixed an issue where handling lots of pallets in MP could crash clients on older console generations (PlayStation)

We’ll keep an eye out and confirm whether Giants has a different changelog from what’s listed above.

Source: Farming Simulator

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