Fishing Planet Update 4.05 Patch Notes; Released This Jan. 27

fishing planet update 4.05

Fishing Planet LLC has released the Fishing Planet update 4.05 patch this January 27, and this one is for changes and fixes across platforms! Check out the full patch notes below.

Fishing Planet Update 4.05 Patch Notes:

[PS/Xbox/Win10] Patch Note:

Hey, anglers!

This patch includes:

  • inventory errors fixed
  • buoy delivery window freeze fixed
  • issue with buoy purchase on the tablet fixed
  • graphic improvements on Congo River

That’s it for the patch.

Here are the key features of Fishing Planet as per its Steam page:

Key features:

  • 170+ species of fish, each with its unique behavior and AI.
  • 23 scenic waterways with multiple locations, various climatic conditions, bottom terrains and vegetation.
  • Three types of fishing – float, spinning and bottom.
  • Thousands of tackle combinations with unique physical and hydrodynamic properties.
  • Kayaks and 3 types of different motorboats boats: metal boats, rubber boats, and bass boats that have unique speed, durability, parameters, and features.
  • Superb dynamic water graphics with ripples and surface that changes depending on wind, current and depth.
  • Weather – day/night alternation, change of seasons, different weather conditions (rain, fog, bright sunshine)
  • Multiplayer capacity – online tournaments with personal and team scores, system of achievements, leader boards and top-player lists.

Source: Twitter

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