Fix for Twisted Metal Matchmaking Issues to be “Deployed in a Few Hours”

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PS3 exclusive, Twisted Metal, has had its fair share of problems with matchmaking since release. However, David Jaffe has just announced that a fix is on the way.

Jaffe stated on his Twitter account:

“It looks like they’ve solved all (or at least a very big portion) of the matchmaking issues with Twisted Metal. I’ll explain best I can in my layman’s terms: quick online and select a match are pulling from the same pool. So if you are browsing, by the time you pick a game none of those players are available anymore. You only get in a game really if you get into quick match. At least I was told this (although I know some players have struggled to get into a fast match as well). Either way, progress! They say they expect to have a fix deployed in a few hours. I will keep you informed. Also, looking into the crash issue- will do my best to get some feedback on that sometime today. Thanks all!”

Be sure to check out a demonstration of the skin creator, which will “release very very soon”.