Focus Home Interactive Acquires Streets of Rage 4 Publisher Dotemu

Focus Home Interactive Dotemu

One of the best retro game producing companies out in the industry today has made it big, as Focus Home Interactive acquires Streets of Rage 4 publisher Dotemu!

In a press release announcing the acquisition, Focus Home Interactive discussed why they made the deal and the potential of adding Dotemu to their roster to develop more ambitious projects.

Focus Home Interactive is expanding its offering and editorial line through the acquisition of Dotemu, which will continue to publish and produce unique titles with strong commercial potential, driven by cult video game and pop culture licenses such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Metal Slug Tactics, as well as other quality titles to be announced in the coming months. Above all, Dotemu will benefit from Focus Home Interactive’s expertise in the field of AA games, which will enable it to develop even more ambitious projects.

In addition, Focus Home Interactive is acquiring technical capabilities with this deal for the development of independent games. Dotemu’s teams will thus be able to provide even more ambition to the young independent publishing label The Arcade Crew. After successful productions such as The Last Spell or Dark DevotionThe Arcade Crew is preparing many other ambitious productions such as Young Souls and other quality titles to be announced in the months ahead.

Hailed for their work in Streets of Rage 4, it’s not hard to see why Focus Home Interactive made the move to acquire Dotemu — read our review on SoR 4 and see why it’s a retro beat ’em up comeback classic.

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