Forza Motorsport 7 Update Out Now, Fixes Customization Issues

Forza Motorsport’s Community Manager Brian Ekberg has announced that a new patch is now live for Forza Motorsport 7.

The update will focus on fixing customization related issues, and a number of stability problems for players on PC. 

For gamers on both PC and Xbox One the following issues have been fixed:

  • Fixed numerous livery-related issues, including some liveries applying as paint colors only, liveries not appearing in multiplayer, and game lock-ups when cancelling liveries.
  • Fixed an issue where vinyls would not appear in the vinyl editor for players who were creating vinyl groups with HDR enabled.
  • Arabic text is no longer reversed in game menus
  • Default profile slider settings for wheel users are no longer maxed out
  • Benchmark mode on PC now displays the correct minimum FPS
  • Framerate now improved in loading with G-Sync enabled.

What do you think to the new update? Happy to be able to customize your car with fewer issues?

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