FPS Freek Call of Duty: WWII Edition & KontrolFreek Performance Grips Review (PS4)


This is Mack, here with a couple of KontrolFreek products. We have the PS4 versions of the FPS Freek Call of Duty: WWII Edition and the KontrolFreek Performance Grips.

KontrolFreek did reach out about just the new WWII thumbstick addons, but then I went ahead and cheekily requested the grips as well, because my pad can get a little slippery with the custom red casing.

Let’s keep things moving and look at the new FPS Freeks. They come in a dark-ish red, and feature the CoD: WWII Infantry Division emblem. These are what KontrolFreek calls “high-rise thumbsticks,” which means they’re a little taller than the other varieties. I prefer them this way, as they make me feel more comfortable with my larger hands and when playing at higher sensitivities.

Design-wise, I think they look great, especially on this red PS4 pad. As for the little CoD emblem, that’s great, too, and is very grippy. Some KontrolFreek thumbstick add-ons can be a little less easy and comfortable to use, but these WWII FPS Freeks are my new favorites, beating out the Black Ops 3 variant which I always kept coming back to.

The only gripe I have, as is almost always the case with KontrolFreeks, is the standard price. With no sale on or discount applied, these come in at $18 without shipping. It’s a fair bit of money for what they are, but they feel polished, look good, and last forever. Find a style you’re happy to use for years to come, and I think it’s worth it.

Next up is the Performance Grips. I knew I was going to be impressed with these, as my controller has gotten so damn slippery over the years, that any improvement was going to be appreciated.

However, even on a brand-spanking new pad, I think these Performance Grips are worth a look. They are super easy to apply, causing no stress whatsoever, as they can be taken off and re-jiggled to fit perfectly. If I can do it, then anyone can.

Grip-wise, they’re great, and if you happen to have paddles on the rear of your pad, the Performance Grips don’t interfere at all.

Honestly, I’m super impressed. The only gripes I have are the weird rubbery smell that I, actually, kind of like, but that others may find a bit distracting for the first few days of use, then it goes away; the fact that it’s only available in black; and, again, the price, which is $15.

If the Performance Grips boast the same longevity as other KontrolFreek products, then sure, the price is worth it. However, I’ll have to wait a couple of years to give a final verdict on that.

Overall, some great stuff from KontrolFreek that I’ll be using daily for a long, long time, I’m hoping.

I encourage you to check out the KontrolFreek website for any console controller needs, including for Nintendo Switch.

The FPS Freek and Performance Grips were provided to MP1st by KontrolFreek. You can learn more about both products by visiting the KontrolFreek website

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