Insurgency’s “Molotov Spring” Update Introduces Free Maps, New Game Modes, and More

Later this week, developer New World Interactive hopes to update their tactical, first-person, modern combat shooter, Insurgency, with new content and improvements.

While crashing and optimization fixes are a top priority at NWI, it doesn’t hurt that this week’s update launches with a healthy dose of free content.

Insurgency’s “Molotov Spring” update will introduce two new maps, new game modes, and updates to the game’s co-operative game modes.

Buhriz, the first of two new maps to be unveiled in a recent Steam blog update, is a larger-scale combat zone based around a small village with deadly rooftop vantage points. Check it out in action on an updated version of Insurgency’s Strike game mode:

[youtube id=”MMHcPMng1aU”]

Here’s another Buhriz gameplay video showing off some co-op action:

[youtube id=”f4pMaQ_AjFg”]

Speaking of co-op, the Molotov Spring update aims to improve Insurgency’s AI enemies and level design configurations in order to “prolong the action and create more challenging cooperative play,” says the studio. Expect bots to throw smoke grenades, frags, molotov cocktails, and even wield RPG launchers. Here’s another video showing off some of the updates to co-op:

[youtube id=”UH6uxFAumow”]

Keep an eye out later this week for more details on Insurgency’s Molotov Spring update.

Be sure to read up on our review of Insurgency to find out what we think of NWI’s shooter.

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