Frogwares Says Nacon Cracked and Pirated The Sinking City and Shows Proof

The Sinking City

One of the most troubled video games released in recent memory has another problem added to its convoluted release history, as the open-world detective game known as The Sinking City is the subject of a dispute — where the developers Frogwares say their former licensee Nacon cracked and pirated their game.

In a video released by Frogwares, they detail how the version that went up on Steam was deceptively uploaded without their knowledge and  distributed to key PC retailers.

In a very detailed post in their official website, Frogwares outlines how Nacon cracked, hacked, and changed the source code of their game — accusing their former licensee of stealing and selling it  without their permission.

Nacon decided to steal and pirate our game and they did so while leaving giant digital footprints.

Nacon has proved they are willing to do anything possible to serve their interest, including illegal actions. They ignored the decision of the Justice and bypassed them, pirating The Sinking City in order to deceive their partners, Steam in the first place.

But what is the bigger picture now? What happens now that our contracting party stole our assets and can use them their own way without any limits?

There are long term damages we need to take care of, Nacon unpacked our data, stole our source code and used it. Nacon can create a new version of The Sinking City using our assets; they can resell, reuse, recycle our content and our tools etc.

We have to take the measure of what happened now and follow the best path on the legal side to prevent anything like this happening again.

Certainly not a fun position to be in, and a rather strange one for that matter. Usually you hear about developers and publishers complaining about users cracking their own game, but to have a big corporate company such as Nacon do just that? Yeah, probably not gonna fair well with anyone here. If we hear anything more on the subject, we’ll be sure to update or release a new post, so stay tuned!

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