The Game Awards – Watch The “Season Premier” Teaser For Battlefield Hardline

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More Battlefield Hardline single player footage emerges in a new trailer from EA and Visceral Games that debuted during The Game Awards tonight.

Sadly, no details were spared on Hardline’s upcoming multiplayer beta, so we’ll have to hang tight for more news. Meanwhile, check out the new footage above that showcases a darker and grittier Battlefield that takes place on crime-filled streets.

Earlier this week, more light was shed on Hardline’s vehicle heavy game mode, Hotwire, with brand new gameplay courtesy of a handful of well-known Battlefield YouTube personalities. You can get caught up on the footage here, if you missed it, and even check out Hardline’s full list of weapon, camos, gadgets, and grenades here.

Battlefield Hardline launches March 17.