Your Gamertag Could Be in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Sledgehammer Games is looking for a handful of lucky gamers to be a part of their upcoming shooter, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Today, the studio has opened a sweepstakes that will give four gamers the chance to have their gamertags featured in Advanced Warfare.

“Over the last three years, the team at Sledgehammer Games has worked to deliver a truly immersive experience in Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare€“ putting players in the boots of a Tier 1 Operator of the future. We felt like there was no better way to thank the loyal fans of the franchise than the opportunity to include your gamertag in the game. From all qualified entries, we will pick just FOUR gamers to have their gamertag featured in Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare. When the game ships Nov 4th, the world will get to see your gamertag in-game. It’s that simple, and we can’t wait to feature our fans in the game!”

The contest appears in celebration of “Hammer Week,” or Sledgehammer Games’ 5th anniversary with publisher Activision.

We’re not sure exactly how your gamertag will appear in-game — perhaps it will appear as the call sign for one of your NPC allies in the single player campaign? If that’s the case, I’m looking forward to hitting the trenches with Sgt. “xXQwikScopez420Xx” by my side.

To enter, all you have to do is fill out this form. (It appears only to be open to residents in the United States.)

We recently learned that Advanced Warfare multiplayer will be playable at Gamescom starting this August 13.

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