Gaming Industry Revenue Expected to Hit $235 Billion by 2022 Says Research Firm

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According to research done by Digi-Capital, revenue for the gaming industry is set to reach a bank-breaking $235bn by 2020, an amount, as pointed out by Gameindustrybiz, to be higher than the current GDP (gross domestic product) in 150 countries.

As detailed in Digi-Capital’s Games Report Q1 2018, mobile games, PC games, and PC hardware will take just under three-quarters of all market revenue.

An interesting observation made by the firm is that physical sales of console games will still produce an incredible amount of revenue despite the decline of physical sales and the rise of digital purchases for games.

Asia is also expected to continue its growth as the largest regional market for video games, beating out North America and Western Europe combined.

This growth has seen an insane amount of money invested in game companies and their startups, with “well over $2 billion” being put into the games.

There’s a lot more to the report that we didn’t highlight here, and if you’re interested in viewing the rest of the forecasts and data, you can head to the Digi-Capital site here to read it all.

Source: Digi-Capital via Gameindustrybiz

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