GDC Goes All-Digital This Summer

microsoft gdc 2020

While the event has been pushed back until this August due to COVID-19, organizers today confirmed that there will no longer be an meet-up as GDC transitions into an all-digital event.

The news comes from an official press release by the company, stating that they will proceed with GDC 2020 only in a digital format.

While GDC organizers look forward to meeting again in person as soon as possible, this August’s GDC Summer will be transformed into an all-digital event in order to best serve our community.

We have been continuously reviewing the best ways to serve the game development
community over the past few months as the world has continued to adapt to

While we very much look forward to meeting again in person as soon as possible, we are
moving forward with a plan to transform
GDC Summer into an all-digital event, in order to best serve our community.

As so many game developers embrace remote working arrangements and online
collaboration, we’re inspired to adapt and deliver GDC in a digital format that
will be available to everyone with an internet connection, and will work hard
to deliver the high-quality content and networking opportunities GDC attendees
have come to expect.

We believe in the power of gathering our community to share, inspire, and
strengthen our industry and are committed to providing that opportunity in
August. We look forward to sharing more information about GDC Summer soon.

We can’t say we’re surprised seeing that E3 2020 was also canceled, along with several other gaming events, though at least they still plan on pushing through, even if it in the streaming format. GDC 2020 is set to begin this August.

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