Get This Free and Hidden Call of Duty: WWII Calling Card Now by Following These Steps

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Who doesn’t want free stuff, right? If you’re looking forward to Call of Duty: WWII, then you might want to do this super simple steps in order to get a free COD: WWII Calling Card!

Unearthed by Reddit user iM1CKEY-, this little mission has you not only getting a free COD: WWII Calling Card as a reward, but more info on the game, too! Just make sure you have your PlayStation, Xbox or Activision account login info ready. 

Go here:

Enter the code: UWBGH

If entered correctly you will be taken into a vault. Within this vault you can read intel folders on characters within the game & other things….

For your “Limited Time Calling Card”

click “PROSVER” within the vault…

It will then open up 2 intel folders, one giving info on what the Easter Eggs ment that were found in the beta and the other is your intel folder to claim your calling card! “First In First To Win” is the folders name!

Once you open the intel folder (First In First To Win) you will be asked to login to your PSN account or if your a member of Activisions website you can login that way also.

I tried the steps above and can confirm it works! While we can’t see the actual Calling Card design, it’s a nice little treat to have something waiting for us when Call of Duty: WWII ships out this November 3 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

For other COD: WWII news, Kontrol Freek also has a free and exclusive Calling Card for the game if you buy the COD: WWII thumbsticks. We also made a video explaining the new Prestige system in COD: WWII.