Ghost Recon Breakpoint Upcoming Update 4.0.0 Out Next Week, Introduces AI Teammate Experience

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Upcoming Update 4.0.0

Last month, Ubisoft announced the Ghost Recon Breakpoint roadmap that outlined some of the new stuff coming to players. Thankfully, we now have a release date for one of its major updates! Ubisoft has announced the Ghost Recon Breakpoint upcoming update 4.0.0 release date, and it’s set for May 25!

Ubisoft calls this update the AI Teammate Experience, which will introduce a new progression loop, and will introduce new rewards and more too. Check out the trailer and details straight from the press release.

Teammates will now have a common Team Level and a common XP bar called Team XP which can be leveled up just by playing the game with AI teammates activated or by completing the Teammate Challenges. To track teammate progression, players can find a new progression bar at the top of the screen, displaying XP gained, Nomad’s level gauge and teammates’ level gauge. Additionally, once teammates have leveled up, an animation will appear on screen, informing players of newly unlocked upgrades. Players will also have 14 new challenges to tackle, which will grant both Team XP and cosmetic rewards.

To upgrade and customize teammates, players will be able to navigate a dedicated menu, showing teammate level XP, upgrades and challenges. Players will be able to unlock 14 upgrades for their AI Teammates:

  • Three Active Abilities unique to each teammate including Piercing Shot, Scan and Combat Drone

  • Two Active Abilities shared across teammates including Extra Revival and Fragmentation Grenades

  • Nine Passive Abilities for increased damage or resilience

The Ghost Recon Breakpoint upcoming update 4.0.0 will also let players adjust their squad with one, two, or three teammates, customize Rainbow teammates, hide AI teammates’ secondary, and other customization options.

Once the patch is out, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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