Ghost Recon Breakpoint Update 2.0 Release Date, Content Details Revealed

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If you’re still waiting on Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s major patch to fix most of the game’s issues, your wait won’t be that long now. Ubisoft announced that the Ghost Recon Breakpoint update 2.0 release date is due this month on March 24!

In addition to the Ghost Recon Breakpoint update 2.0 release date, the publisher outlined the major content rolling out with the patch. Title update 2.0 introduces the Ghost Experience, which is a new mode that lets players experience Breakpoint in three different ways.

  • Regular Experience – the way Ghost Recon Breakpoint was released featuring gear level and tiered loot.
  • Immersive Experience – Removes gear level and introduces a more realistic loot system and a host of new tactical settings designed to heighten immersion such as stamina management, ammo loss on reload, health regen, risk of injury and more.
  • Custom Experience – Gives players an extensive array of options so they can find the balance between Regular and Immersive that works for them.

Also revealed is the Engineer class details.

The new Engineer Class is coming alongside the new update. Engineers can deal more damage to drones, carry extra offensive items, and are more effective with grenade launchers. Their special ability, the Defensive Drone, will attack nearby enemies, while their class tool, the Ammo Supply Drone, provides allies with an extra magazine. Year 1 Pass owners will have one-week early access to the Engineer Class starting March 24.

Title update 2.0 will also see a few community-requested features make the cut! Here’s a preview of what’s coming:

  • Camera Placement
  • BASE jumping
  • Weapon/Gear Sorting Options
  • Vehicles
  • Respawn System Improvements
  • Gunsmith Updates

Those looking for an offline mode, that sadly won’t be part of the patch, though the studio has come up with an alternative.

Our team identified that the service that was most difficult for players with inconsistent connections was the one that enabled matchmaking. With this new update, players who cannot maintain a sustained connection to matchmaking services will still be able to play solo PvE without being disconnected.

These players will still have all of the functionality of the game except access to multiplayer modes. While in this mode, your Friends List will appear empty.

The game will regularly re-test this connection in the background without impacting your play. You will be able to manually trigger a re-test of the connection by initiating matchmaking in multiplayer modes.

Episode 2 Deep State will arrive on March 24 for all Year 1 Pass owners as well.

Source: Ubisoft