Ghostrunner Update 1.08 Patch Notes; Out for New Content This Dec. 23

Ghostrunner Update 1.08

One More Level has released the Ghostrunner update 1.08 patch this December 23, and this is for new content for the game! The developer has released holiday items for gamers, as a token of appreciation, and we’ve listed down everything in the patch notes below.

Ghostrunner Update 1.08 Patch Notes:

Per the PS4 update history:

Happy Holidays, Ghost Runners! We will send holiday gifts to everyone with our daily gratitude.This new holiday pack includes four free holiday-themed swords, so add a little vigor to the dingyling Doma Tower in the doomsday world.We’ll continue to have a variety of surprises to follow online to check out #BeGhostrunner

That seems to be it for this title update. If there are any other changes or fixes in this patch that’s not mentioned above, we’ll be sure to update the post and let our readers know. For those who manage to find new stuff or technical fixes, leave a comment below to let other gamers know about it.

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