Ghostrunner Update 1.14 Patch Notes Slash Out for Project_Hel DLC This March 3

ghostrunner update 1.14

One More Level has released the Ghostrunner update 1.14 patch notes this March 4, and this one is for the highly anticipated Project_Hel DLC! Check out the full release notes on this latest patch below.

Ghostrunner Update 1.14 Patch Notes | Ghostrunner Project_Hel Patch Notes | Ghostrunner March 3 Patch Notes:

Return to the dystopian Dharma Tower as a brutally powerful antihero in a new campaign for $14.99/€14.99/£12.49 across console and PC platforms globally.

Just prior to the events of the original Ghostrunner storyline, a combat android known as Hel begins her own violent mission: quelling a rebellion at the base of the tower-city. Yet Hel’s true motivation takes root in hatred toward the creators keeping her chained between assignments. Internal programming keeps her from slaughtering them outright, so she begrudgingly follows orders while looking for loopholes to disrupt her creators’ grand plans.
Unlike regular Ghostrunners, Hel contains no biological parts, instead driven by a cobbled-together AI rendering her unstable, impulsive, and angry. These traits manifest in Project_Hel’s new Rage bar. Fill it up by killing enemies to gain abilities injecting fresh blood into Ghostrunner’s one-hit-one-kill combat. Reject death with the attack-negating Shield, bypass enemy defenses with Unblockable strikes, and strike from afar with devastating energy Surges.
Instead of using a Gap Jammer grappling hook like original protagonist Jack, Hel’s powerful Super Jump provides aggressive movement capabilities both for traversal and combat. She can also air dash significantly further and use a Sensory Boost to quickly visualize their trajectory. These differences give Hel her own feel and style appealing to Ghostrunner veterans and newcomers alike. Upgrade her capabilities even further with a revamped progression system.
Face off against new challengers, including four enemy types and two bosses. Carve through the seven imaginative levels while mastering Hel’s intricacies and rebelling against her creators. Ascend the neon cityscapes to the tune of additional tracks from electronic artist Daniel Deluxe. Uncover more context in this action-packed prequel story by gathering hidden collectibles. Learn how Hel rises to become one of the toughest bosses in the original Ghostrunner plot.

That’s about it for the patch. We’ll update this post accordingly if there are any more notes released by the studio.

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