Ghostwire Tokyo DualSense Features and Other Details Revealed

Ghostwire Tokyo Release Date

Tango Gameworks’ has revealed some new information about the upcoming PS5 exclusive (timed,) Ghostwire Tokyo, including some details on around the features of DualSense controller.

This was revealed in the latest issue of PLAY magazine (issue #2), where it also talked about how the game will use the new technology available in order to make the game feel more immersive.

Some of the key features the game will employ comes from the PS5’s DualSense controller.

  • Haptic feedback will enable players to “feel” their way through deserted streets
  • Eerie voices will emanate from the controller’s speakers
  • Tango Gameworks is aiming for DualSense to be the “sixth sense” for gamers, and will help in finding clues and solving puzzles
  • Tango claims players can close their eyes and “feel” the different attacks (bursts of wind will have a different sensation to the flow of water, etc.)
  • Some spirits require you get up close to defeat them, and these will have their own DualSense sensation
  • Upgrading your character’s powers, the DualSense will let the player feel the change in their abilities; as the player’s power grows, so does the feedback from the controller, which will let players “feel” their progress.

Ghostwire Tokyo is set for release sometime in 2022.

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Nicola Armondi
Nicola Armondi
2 years ago

Are you sure the game will be released in 2022?
The previous release date was October 2021.

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