Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.003 Out for Children’s Day Changes & More This May 2

ghostwire tokyo update 1.003

Tango Gameworks has released the Ghostwire Tokyo update 1.003 patch today, and this one is for the changes made with the Children’s Day, a holiday frequently observed in Japan! Check out the full Ghostwire Tokyo May 2 update patch notes below.

Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.003 Patch Notes | Ghostwire Tokyo May 2 Update Patch Notes:

This week, Japan celebrates Golden Week, one of its most popular holiday seasons. We’re also celebrating as the team at Tango Gameworks has launched an all-new update for Ghostwire: Tokyo!
This update features new gameplay and quality of life improvements; numerous bug fixes; and even a festive new cosmetic item and emotes to use in Photo Mode! Read on for the full details.

Update Highlights
  • Performance Improvements: This update addresses some performance issues for PS5 and PC.
  • Silence, Tengu: There’ve been some noise complaints about the Tengu, so Ed has developed some noise-cancelling headphones for Akito and KK. (Tengu volume can now be adjusted.)
  • Children’s Day Cosmetic and Emotes: Two new emotes and a new headwear piece inspired by Golden Week.
Children’s Day

Held annually on May 5 in Japan, Children’s Day is one of four national holidays observed during Golden Week, to celebrate the health and happiness of children—typically by decorating with fish-shaped kites and wearing paper samurai helmets! Now you can get in on the festivities in Ghostwire: Tokyo:

  • Koinobori Emote – Akito displays koi-shaped streamers
  • “They Grow Up So Fast” Emote – Akito proudly dons a folded paper “Kabuto” samurai helmet
  • Paper Kabuto – Wear the origami samurai helmet from the emote
Changes and Improvements
  • Added “Yokai Volume” slider, allowing players to adjust the screeching of the Tengu
  • Added “Mouse Smoothing” option (Allows players to enable/disable mouse smoothing)
  • Fast travel is now available earlier in the game
Bug Fixes
All Platforms
  • Improved overall performance
  • Overhauled starting values for player camera options
  • Adjusted gamepad analog stick deadzone, and added options to adjust deadzone
  • Fixed collision issues in some environments
  • Spirit Perception Prayer Beads will no longer guide you towards spirits you have already absorbed
  • Fixed text for some menu items in French and German
PC Fixes
  • Improved mouse/keyboard input when weaving
  • Added “Movie Display Mode” option
    • If you are experiencing sound desync issues in cutscenes, setting “Movie Display Mode” to “Performance” will correct the issue
  • Fixed progression issue with certain cutscenes
  • Added a warning display when using too much VRAM
  • Fixed issue with windowed mode on the title screen
  • Fixed 5K resolution issue on the title screen
  • Fixed Sharpness option when using FSR 1.0
  • Fixed issue when selecting difficulty

That’s about it for the patch. Stay tuned here at MP1st for future updates for Ghostwire Tokyo and more!

Source: Steam

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