Gotham Knights Stuttering and Frame Rate Drop PC Fix Outlined

Gotham Knights Stuttering

Regardless if you’re on consoles or PC, Gotham Knights hasn’t exactly been the beacon of technical brilliance so far. However, for those on PCs, that problem is made worse not only by frame rate drops, but stuttering, too! However, thanks to the community a Gotham Knights stuttering and frame rate drop fix for PC has been unearthed!

Gotham Knights Stuttering and Frame Rate Drop PC Fix:

Here’s how to do it:

On Steam:

Right click in your library, go to properties, and paste that -force-d3d11 the Launch Options:

For those playing via the Epic Games Store:

Click on your profile icon in the upper right, select Settings, open the settings accordion for Gotham Knights, and paste the code in the Additional Command Line Arguments:

Multiple people in the game’s subreddit have testified that this fixed the two particular issues on PC. Of course, we’re still waiting on WB Games Montreal to properly patch this, which we’re hoping will be soon.

If you haven’t picked the game up, go read our review of it here, where we state, “While I can strongly recommend Gotham Knights to any Batman fan out there, I will say that you should temper expectations a bit, especially if you’re going into this thinking it’ll be anything like the Arkham series. ‘

Thanks, zane411!

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Alan Bowes
11 months ago

Who cares about pc bunch of spoilt little brats

Jason Fisher
Reply to  Alan Bowes
9 months ago

A console is just a pc for dummies

Lead Foot
11 months ago

This does literally nothing. The game continues to run in dx12.

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