Gran Turismo 7 Won’t Be Available in Russia, Sony Pulls Racer Due to On-Going War

Gran Turismo 7 Russia

Polyphony Digital’s newest entry to their long-running racing series releases today, but it appears that there’s one country that won’t be able to play it, as Gran Turismo 7 has been pulled from the Russia PlayStation Store by Sony. The most surprising thing about the delisting is the fact that Sony has not made any announcements regarding it, and it took players in Russia discovering it for themselves.

Below is a screenshot taken directly from the Russia PlayStation Store showing that while Gran Turismo 7 is still up, it’s unavailable to purchase:

The text below reads as: “Release date Pending confirmation.”

It’s unclear yet if Sony intends to make a public statement on Gran Turismo 7 in the region’s storefront, so stay tuned for more updates. Together with Bloober Team and CD Projekt RED yesterday, Sony is the third high-profile publisher to pull their game sales in Russia amidst its ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

This move can also be attributed to the Ukrainian Deputy PM’s open letter to the gaming industry a few days ago, in which he calls for solidarity to temporarily block Russia from the game industry at large. In case you missed it, you can read more about it here.

Check out our review of Gran Turismo 7 here, where James wrote, “Gran Turismo 7 represents a true return to form for Polyphony Digital. Despite being the seventh mainline iteration, the team is still able to keep the series feeling fresh with its new coat of paint and innovative technology with its new weather system (and even a new AI tech called “Sophy”). For Gran Turismo players out there thinking this might be a half step measure, it’s not; it’s a full blown experience and so much more. It’s an essential must-play for any fan out there and it just might be my favorite Gran Turismo thus far.”

Thanks to Eurogamer, who discovered this one.

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