Gran Turismo Sport GT Mode Absence Due to Gamers’ Lack of Tuning Know-How

Old-school racing fans might fondly remember the Gran Turismo franchise’s “GT Mode” in previous games where players bought a second-hand car in the game, and used it to gain money to buy car parts, car mods, tuning it and more. Unfortunately, Gran Turismo Sport GT Mode isn’t happening.

If you’re wondering why, there’s a few reasons for this according to Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi. One of the explanations is that it’s technically still in, but scattered out in much easier to digest chunks.

In a narrow sense, the part that was the GT Mode in the past is now called Mission Challenge. It’s single player, there are various different types of races, from the very short to the very long, with different regulations, and you can tune up the cars that you purchased to participate in those races.

When people are talking about there’s no campaign mode, or no GT Mode anymore, that’s not quite true. It’s just a change to the UI (user interface). All the things that you were able to do in the past in those modes are in the game.

The vehicle tuning portion, which the franchise is known for, has been “simplified” due to how most gamers’ limited knowledge of cars.

Twenty years ago, when we did the first Gran Turismo, people knew what happens when you change an air filter; people knew what increased compression ratios do to your car. But the new users don’t have that knowledge anymore because they’re not as interested in the cars, so we’ve simplified that area [of the game] so you can do the exact same thing you were doing in the past, but it’s more user-friendly for people just getting into cars.

Well, that’s that. While Yamauchi might have a point. gamers these days could very just use Google or YouTube to learn how to do it, no? 

For racing fans, is this a big omission or did Yamauchi has a point?

Source: DrivingUK

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