GT Sport Trailers Showcase Interlagos Circuit, Cars & Tracks Overview

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Get a closer look at the Interlagos Circuit, as well as a general overview of the cars and tracks players will have access to, in the following three new Gran Turismo Sport trailers. 

Gran Turismo Sport – Interlagos Circuit | PS4

Inside Gran Turismo Sport – Volume 1: Cars | PS4

Gran Turismo Sport | Cars and Tracks | PS4

This year you’ll be able to race from the streets of Tokyo, through the iconic Nurburgring to the dirtiest of rally tracks. With a total of 40 layouts (17 courses), you’ll have the chance to test your racing skills in a host of different environments from around the world, and customise your experiences by playing across different times of the day and through varied weather conditions.

Are you hyped for the demo launching October 9? Let us know if you’ll be playing!

Source: PlayStation, PlayStation EU (Official YouTube), PlayStation Blog EU