GT Sport July Update 1.23 Brings New Cars, Events and Microtransactions

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Gran Turismo Sport fans, more content has raced your way courtesy of Polyphony Digital! Unfortunately, it also introduces microtransactions to the game, though it’s not as offensive as some might assume.

Titled as the GT Sport July update or update 1.23, it brings a list of new vehicles, events and more to the top-selling racing game. Check out a comprehensive list of the new content added, as well as the trailer below.

1. Eight new models, including the Mercedes F1 and Mazda 787B, will join the GT lineup.

Mercedes AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+ 2017 (Gr.X)

Mazda 787B ’91 (Gr.1)

Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car (Gr.3)

Ferrari 250 GTO CN.3729GT ’62 (Gr.X)

HONDA S660 ’15 (N100)

Honda Beat ’91 (N100)

Daihatsu Copen Active Top ’02 (N100)

2. Take on a scenic new race track, the “Circuit de Sainte-Croix,” that boasts six geometric layouts.

・Circuit de Sainte-Croix (A/B/C) 
Circuit de Sainte-Croix, Layout A: Total Length, 9,477m; Elevation Change, 44m; Number of corners, 19; Longest Straight, 915m
This original track, based on the one near Sainte-Croix Lake, located in Provence, Southern France, stretches for 10km. You can choose from three different configurations here, which are labeled A, B and C. The track features geometric-shaped corners, from 90-degree benders to radial turns. You can also run each layout in reverse.

3. A new option allows you to purchase cars from the PlayStation™Store.

Cars that cost less than 2,000,000 in-game Cr. can now be purchased directly through the PS Store, in addition to your standard in-game purchases.

The service start date will vary depending on the region.
– Asia Region and Americas Region: July 30
– EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Region and Oceania region: August 2

4. You will now be able to apply decals to Racing Suits and Helmets.

Until now, players were only able to change the color of their Racing Suits and Helmets, but they will soon be able to apply decals to them.

5. The following three events will be added to the “GT League:”

■ Lightweight K Cup (Beginner League)
This is a race for compact cars available only in Japan, powered by 660-cc displacement engines.

■ Nostalgic Car Festival (Amateur League) 
Bask in the beautiful design and sensuous sounds of famed cars from a bygone era.

■ Mercedes AMG Grand Prix (Professional League)
This one-make event features the F1 W08 EQ Power+, which led Lewis Hamilton to his series victory in 2017.

There’s also an update to Scapes, “Circuit Experience,” and a bunch of gameplay tweaks and fixes as well, which players should keep an eye out on.

For those wondering, the microtransactions are nothing more than an easy way to unlock the cars gated by in-game credits. Here’s what Polyphony Digital had to say about it (via PlayStation Blog):

Downloadable Content

While there are many car enthusiasts young and old among Gran Turismo’s players, there are many who don’t have enough time to play and save the in-game credits needed to acquire their favorite cars. By making cars immediately available to purchase as DLC, we hope to make it so that players busy with work (or those who’ve just entered the world of GT) can acquire attractive and competitive cars quickly, and take their position on the starting grid.

However, to keep things fair and balanced for our existing players, all cars can still be purchased with in-game credits as before; there are no cars that are only available for cash, and nothing will change in the way you currently earn cars, or the present car system.

Furthermore, GT Sport’s priciest vehicles can only be bought with the in-game currency – meaning drivers will still have to prove their ability and effort out on the track to acquire the very best cars on offer.

Source: Gran-Turismo