GT Sport PSVR Gameplay Shows Off The Nurburgring Track

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While at Tokyo Games Show this week, DualShockers’ Gieuseppe Nelva managed to get his hands on GT Sport PSVR. 

Nelva recorded some gameplay (without audio) of himself playing a 1 vs. 1 race on the 24-hour track “Nurburgring”:

Nelva described the experience as one that probably going to “tip [him] over into buying [his] own headset”:

The first thing I noticed as a complete newcomer to VR racing (besides a few laps on Driveclub VR last year), is that it does take a bit getting used to it, especially when it comes to getting your eyes off the track and on the dashboard. It’s rather easy to get distracted.

That being said, it was definitely an enjoyable experience, and this is probably one of the games (alongside Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner M∀RS) that is finally going to tip me over into buying my own headset, which I have procrastinated for quite a while now. I wish I had more time to familiarize myself with the experience, but unfortunately the timer was extra-strict.

PlayStation VR does need some more killer apps, and it looks like GT Sport in virtual reality could help with hardware sales. 

What do you think of Gran Turismo Sport in VR?

Source: DualShockers