GTA 6: Here Are the Top Locations We Want to See in the Next Installment

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In case you didn’t know, Rockstar Games confirmed that the next entry in the best-selling Grand Theft Auto franchise is “well underway” (as if there was any doubt). While there’s no title yet, we’d be shocked if it wasn’t called Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6). With that in mind, we’ve decided to pick the locales where we feel the next Grand Theft Auto game should call home.

GTA 6: Here Are the Top Locations We Want for the Next Installment:

A Return to Vice City and Liberty City

I think out of these two, Vice City is probably the more attractive location if GTA should return to one of its past locations. Liberty City, while a welcome setting to return to, has already seen three different renditions, stretching across nearly nine GTA games. The last we saw of it was in GTA4 as a full HD version, while its last appearance in a GTA game was GTA: Chinatown Wars.

Vice City on the other hand has yet to have a full HD rendition, only appearing in the original GTA and GTA Vice Cities, followed by GTA Vice City Stories, which by Rockstar’s own account, are known as 3D universe GTAs. It’s time for Vice City to see its city fully realized with modern day visuals.

Still, given that fans want both of these, why not build a story that takes place across both Liberty City and Vice City? That would be something.

Aerial view of Chicago downtown skyline with park and the beach. Morning light with clear blue sky


While Chicago would provide a similar setting to that of Liberty City with its mostly skyscraper-filled city, on a culture level it has plenty of things to offer not found in liberty city. I think a game set closer between 1940-1950 would be a perfect match, as it would be heavy deep on organized crime. A story that plays to the tune of The Godfather perhaps?

A modern day setting could be an interesting one also, as while not as big as it used to be, major crime organizations still exists in Chicago to this day. Perhaps with the way GTA5 had multiple characters, we could be in for a story presented in a similar fashion. Maybe one from the criminal perspective, and another from law enforcement? The Departed (2006 crime film) anyone?

GTA 6 Dallas


I know, I know. Red Dead Redemption exists, which already takes a lot of inspiration from Texas, as well as all the neighboring regions around it. However, Red Dead is a cowboy game that dates back to the early 1900’s, right around the time that the American Old West was beginning to die out. While the games are excellent, and amongst the highest rated ones, I do think the setting is worth revisiting, only in a modern day setting.

Texas would be a perfect location to build a fictional city, and contrary to what most people believe, it’s not all deserts. Texas has a ton of big cities filled with massive skyscrapers, as well as diverse environments such as the ocean seaside, forests, deserts, and mountains. Lot’s of potential here to build one of the most diverse location in the series yet. Plus, a modern day setting would allow us to explore Texas in ways we’ve yet to see in any game. 

GTA 6 Bullworth New England

Bullworth (New England)

Fine, Rockstar, if you won’t give us a Bully 2, maybe you could at least return to the fictional city it takes place in, Bullworth. Based in the region New England is located, Bullworth was a city that Rockstar games created for Bully. Sadly, it was the last time we ever saw of it, though maybe that was for the best, or least one exclusive for the Bully franchise given that many feel the setting may not be big enough for a GTA-style game. It did work for Bully given its  fairly closed environments.

GTA 6 London


It’s time for GTA to return to London. Wait, return? Yep, the original Grand Theft Auto, believe it or not, had not one, but two London-based inspired expansion that Rockstar Canada released. Dubbed GTA London 1969, and GTA London 1961, both opened up to some mix reviews when it released, but all the more reason for Rockstar to return to this setting. Plus, it was for the first Grand Theft Auto — a game many probably don’t remember much about.

London would be a great location to kick off a new era of GTA. It’s big, populated, and the neighboring regions offer plenty in a fictional setting. And depending on the era they pick, London has a huge history with various gangs. It could be a more serious story also, something akin to GTA4 rather than 5.

GTA 6 China


Maybe it’s time for Grand Theft Auto to make the jump to someplace outside of the United States? Hong Kong might be the logical choice, given the series is already deeply tied with telling stories around the Triad, a gang originating from China. They are best described as the Chinese Mafia, and while GTA has always included this gang as part of their stories, it wasn’t until GTA Chinatown Wars that we got a story dedicated around them. 

I’d like to see Rockstar games return to this, though in a much larger scope. What better than to go right to the home of the Triads themselves? A Sleeping Dogs type of game, but for GTA perhaps? 

Where would you want Rockstar Games to go with GTA 6? Let us know down in the comments below.

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