GTA Online Save & Profile Migration Issues for PS5 and Xbox Series Acknowledged by Rockstar (Update)

GTA Online Save Migration

For those excited to hop into GTA Onlne for next-gen (which is live for some people in the world), there seems to be a problem regarding migrating profiles. It seems the GTA Online save & profile migration issues have surfaced for players and it’s somehow connected to profile migration from PC.

This has been confirmed by Rockstar today, where it mentions that they are working to resolve this issue. Here’s the full announcement regarding the GTA Online profile migration issues:

Update: Rockstar has announced that migration issues have been addressed, and should be working as intended!

We’re currently working to resolve the issue with GTA Online profile migration for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S where those migrating from PS4 or Xbox One are currently blocked due to previously migrating those accounts to PC, and will update everyone once this is working as intended.

In addition to that, Rockstar has also posted this little FAQ for save migration errors.

Question: Why am I receiving the following error message saying that my GTA Online profile is not eligible for migration?

  • Alert: The GTA Online profile associated with this Rockstar Games Social Club account is not eligible for migration at this time.

Answer: Players may receive this error message for several reasons including, but not limited to:

  • The GTA Online profile is currently banned or suspended and is not eligible for migration
  • The GTA Online profile has already migrated and is no longer eligible for migration
  • Illegitimate progress was detected on the GTA Online profile and will not be eligible for migration
  • There is insufficient progress on the GTAO Online profile and it is not currently eligible for migration

Finally, if you are transferring characters to the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of GTA Online, do remember that your character will be deleted on the last-gen version of the game. For those on PC, there is also no option to transfer to and from PC to the next-gen versions, too (per Reddit).

If Rockstar issues a new announcement, we’ll update the post.

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