GTA Online Update 1.38 Rides Out for Los Santos Tuners – July 20

GTA Online Update 1.38

As expected, Rockstar Games has released the GTA Online  update 1.38 July 20 patch, which brings the GTA Online “Los Santos Tuners” content drop! This Grand Theft Auto 5 update is live now on all platforms. Note that for other regions, this shows up as GTA Online update 1.35.

GTA Online Update 1.38 July 20 Patch Notes | GTA Online Update 1.35 Patch Notes:

Update: Added more details straight from Rockstar’s press release regarding today’s update!

For now, Rockstar has not released the official list of changes, but they did releease the new content incoming today, which can be seen below.

  • More on the brand-new social space the LS Car Meet, the underground racing hide-out found in an existing building in Cypress Flats in which players can showcase, customize, and test out their personal vehicles, watch others modify theirs in real time, and much more


  • Details on becoming an LS Car Meet Memberdelivering access to the new Test Track, the ability to invite friends to test or race on the private Test Track, test new vehicles and preview upcoming vehicles, hit 6 new race types and much more.
  • Info on the robbery-style Contractsrun through the legitimate business front of the new customizable Auto Shop, where players will link with Sessanta and her car boosting partner KDJ, the criminal alias of Music Locker resident DJ Moodymann
  • Plus, new exclusive music from Moodymann, including collaborations with Channel Tres, Nez, Gangsta Boo, Jessie Johnson from Prince’s legendary band, The Time and more in Kenny’s Backyard Boogie mix, found in-game as a Media Stick through interacting with KDJ
  • The in-game debut of music from CircoLoco Records including a special continuous mix from Seth Troxler that players can find by piecing together collectible Media Sticks of the individual Monday Dreamin’ EPs scattered across Los Santos – once they find all 4 they’ll unlock the exclusive new mix, CLR Launch Party (and a CircoLoco tee)
  • 10 new highly modifiable vehicles (with more to come), some of which will receive performance enhancements in the new generation versions of GTA Online
  • A new clothing partnership with real-life LA-based streetwear label Born x Raised
  • And much more


Los Santos Tuners delivers an action-packed new update for all fans of GTA Online, featuring the LS Car Meet, a brand new club and social space for players to get together and show off their customized personal vehicles, test new cars with friends on a private track, watch others mod their cars in real time, and more player-requested features, plus 10 new highly customizable cars in a range of tuner-inspired styles, a new Auto Shop property, six epic new robbery-style Contracts, new races, a host of new quality of life updates, and much more.

In a run-down warehouse in Cypress Flats, Mimi runs the LS Car Meet. For a cool 50k, you can become a member with access to hundreds of ranks of unlockable clothing, new race modes, new wheels and liveries, Trade Prices, and special contacts for assistance in final Contract jobs.

You’ll also get access to the Test Track, where you can push the limits of your own vehicle or any of the three cars available for Test Rides. With the launch of Los Santos Tuners, you can try out the Karin Calico GTF, the Annis Euros, and you can also get a hands-on preview of the Pfister Comet S2 that is hitting Legendary Motorsport next week.

Members also get access to six new kinds of Races, a shared Mod Shop for customizing your vehicles and watching others as they modify, the Merch Shop and the Prize Ride: your chance at weekly Challenges to win the vehicle perched atop the Vapid Slamtruck.

Wanted: Precision Drivers, No Questions Asked

The LS Car Meet is just the beginning — the connections you’ll make there will open doors to a range of new options for action and quick cash. Moodymann may be a performer with incredible talents behind the decks at The Music Locker, but Kenny aka KDJ also loves his cars, and together with his partner in crime Sessanta, they are looking to make some serious money by sticking up high-value targets.

All you need to gain access to their network is an Auto Shop: talk to KDJ and Sessanta at the LS Car Meet and find out how to invest in one via the Maze Bank Foreclosures site. While your Auto Shop can be a legitimate business, modifying rides to spec and delivering them to clientele across the city, the property can also serve as a base of operations to run Contracts.

Contracts bring access to the big jobs: take on the IAA, Merryweather, and more, each consisting of Planning Works and final jobs, and all are playable solo or with a team of up to three other players.  A precisely modified whip — built to your needs, wants, and specifications — will be an invaluable asset on these missions.

Your Auto Shop also gives you a showroom-quality, 10-car garage, a modification bay for your personal vehicles and for friends, access to Exotic Exports — a daily list for extracurricular work recovering vehicles throughout the city, plus optional upgrades like drivers to help with vehicle deliveries, a car lift to increase capacity for your modification business, living quarters, and more.

More Music

Los Santos Tuners also brings some changes to your radio dial, plus some new ways to find and listen to music as you cruise the streets — simply hunt down a series of collectible media sticks containing new music ready to be played in your car.

Track down Moodymann’s media stick to discover an epic summertime mix of classic cuts and exclusives including features from Nez, Channel Tres, Gangsta Boo and Jessie Johnson from Prince’s legendary band, The Time, perfect for cruising the city or playing at your next BBQ.

All four Monday Dreamin’ EP’s from CircoLoco Records, Rockstar Games’ record label partnership with legendary club culture icons CircoLoco, can also be found throughout the city. Collect all four Monday Dreamin’ media sticks and you will unlock a special continuous DJ mix version of the entire Monday’ Dreamin’ compilation, featuring new interpretations of all 20 tracks created exclusively for Los Santos Tuners.

Collecting all four CircoLoco media sticks also unlocks the CircoLoco Tee.

New Rides

Today’s launch also includes a drop of 10 new highly modifiable vehicles, both domestic and imported, in a range of classes:

    • Obey Tailgater S
    • Annis Euros
    • Dinka RT3000
    • Annis ZR350
    • Vulcar Warrener HKR
    • Karin Calico GTF
    • Annis Remus
    • Dinka Jester RR
    • Karin Futo GTX
    • Vapid Dominator GTT

Once the full patch notes are our, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

We’ve update the post with the details from the press release.

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