GTA Online Weekly Update March 3 Reset

GTA Online Weekly Update March 3

Rockstar Games has rolled out the GTA Online weekly update March 3 reset of actvities and discounts! Check out the complete highlights and recap in one handy list below.

GTA Online Weekly Update March 3 Reset:

After last week’s lucrative Security Contracts, the stakes are raised for Agency work in GTA Online: Payphone Hits will now reap an extra 50% GTA$ and RP, while completing three of them will award players a GTA$200K bonus.

For those who need an extra hand, Supply Stashes with ammo and health boosts are free this week and one phone call away.

Highlights from today’s update include:

  • Extra 50% GTA$ and RP on Payphone Hits
  • A bonus of GTA$200K for completing three Payphone Hits this week (delivered within 72 hours of completion)
  • Triple GTA$ and RP on Business Battles and Criminal Damage
  • Double GTA$ and RP on Gerald’s Last Play Missions and Running Back (Remix)
  • Free Supply Stashes filled with Grenades, Sticky Bombs, Ammo, Armor, and Health – available by calling Franklin
  • The Vapid Flash GT is this week’s top prize at the Lucky Wheel
  • Prize Ride and Challenge: Placing in the Top 3 of a Pursuit Race 5 times in the next week will earn players the Dinka Sugoi
  • Discounts: 30% off the Heavy Rifle, The Contract Weapon Finishes, All Ammo and Body Armor, plus 25% off the Coil Stun Gun and Coil Compact EMP Launcher
  • Test Rides: The Dinka Sugoi, Annis S80RR, and Albany V-STR
  • Prime Gaming Bonus: Players who connect their Social Club account with Prime Gaming will get a GTA$100K bonus for playing any time this week

Agents are known for their gadgetry and weaponry. Don’t get caught lacking… outfit your Agency accordingly with this week’s discounts:

  • Franklin Services – Free Supply Stash
  • Heavy Rifle – 30% off
  • Coil Stun Gun – 25% off
  • Coil Compact EMP Launcher – 25% off
  • The Contract Weapon Finishes – 30% off
  • All Ammo and Body Armor – 30% off

Tune in next week for the next GTA Online weekly update.

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